Fourth of July Bike Ride!

This weekend was a busy one!

Saturday:  Attempted a long run of 12 miles.  Woke up too late at 6:30 AM and it was 82* by 7 AM.  Run was cut down to 7 miles in the attempt to stay alive and well enough for…  a drive to Madison WI & the Hash House Harriers Annual Red Dress Run!  (Yes, we ran around the north side of Madison in red dresses! Never mind the 1/4 million people who attend the fireworks there!) 4.61 miles run there on my Garmin (plus more walked) = close enough to 12 miles for me.

Sunday: recovering from the heat wave with some lovely brunch @ Madison’s Daisy Café and then perusing the beer aisle @ Woodmans before our drive back to Chicago.  Then some puppy-sitting for our neighbors who were getting married!


1. Bike ride with Courtney!


Lauren & Courtney

We are both training for the Chicago Triathlon at the end of August and decided to meet up for a training bike ride!  We biked for 75 minutes out in her neck of the woods, Oak Forest/Tinley Park IL.  It’s just over 1/2 hour from Chicago and was gorgeous!



Lovely shady trails that wound around the town.  We even saw a horse!  It was great to chat with her and hear more about Courtney’s Team in Training experience.  Afterward we chatted for a while longer & took some photos!



I love that Soldier Field shirt! Good thing I didn’t wear it myself (little did she know it was sitting in the back seat of my car, in case I needed to change into something!)   That’s also the race where I met Courtney in person for the first time!



I enjoy my bike, although I’m recognizing how much work I’m doing on a mountain bike in comparison to a road bike. Although a new bike is not in the cards right now, I am constantly reminded that I should get a road bike (Mike even suggested it for the wedding registry! I think we’ll go for some new towels & maybe a stand mixer before we go for a pimped out road bike or tri bike, how ‘bout? wlEmoticon-smile.png ) I guess for now my efforts go toward getting more comfortable & also developing more power & fitness on the bike.

I had a great time biking with Courtney and hope we can meet up again for a training ride or run sometime again this summer!

Later on the 4th M & I headed out to the lakefront for my first lakefront BBQ!  Up near Foster Beach (but on the grass) it was a great afternoon for grillin’, eating, beer, and sunning.  Nothing like some good Hash friends on a summer’s day!

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July! 


  1. Oh man, I hear you about Saturday morning! I started my run at 6:50 and it was already too hot. Blech.

    And I think I drove past those trails near Tinley Park on the way to the duathlon. I want to check them out. How far did you guys end up going in that 75 minutes?

    • We took it pretty easy and did about 13 miles (?) in 75 minutes, including some stops @ lights. Overall I think there’s about 20 mi of trail there though, and much less crowded than the lakefront!

  2. Totally put bikes on the registry. Towels are cheap & easy to buy. Bikes are waaaaay better. Well, bikes and a KitchenAid stand mixer. 🙂

    Sounds like a fun (but hot!) weekend!

  3. What a fun fourth! I hear you on the mountain bike. That is what I have to. I think I might get better tires for it, but I can’t afford a road bike (and honestly don’t bike enough to warrant getting one!).

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