Cookie Dough Truffles – Watch out Food Bloggers!

OK so I probably failed at the part where I said I was a food blogger and didn’t even post any photos! - Mmm. Does photographing the recipe make me a food blogger?
So here goes – photos from the delicious, gluten-free cookie dough truffles I made over the weekend!

Chocolate starting to melt

Chocolate starting to melt


Fridgerated cookie dough balls

Fridgerated cookie dough balls


Emma’s ready to help!

Ready to dip!

Ready to dip!

And since the Ravens won — I don’t have any miles I need to run from the Superbowl Challenge Miles of Shame!  So I’ll leave you with some miles I ran last week – it was January but 55 degrees around 6 AM. I don’t think we’re allowed to wear short sleeves in January, so I didn’t.  It then got REALLY cold after that!



Have a great Monday!


  1. I have cookie dough in the fridge, so I should totally make those 🙂

  2. That chocolate looks scrumptious and Emma is so cute!!!!!

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