Superbowl Entertainment

So I’ve gone more “all out” for today’s superbowl than I have in several years.

First off, I watched the Kitty Half Time and encourage you to as well!

I also got in the kitchen to prepare some goodies for the party we’re going to later.  I made Cookie Dough Truffles and am making Buffalo Chicken Dip later on. - Mmm. Does photographing the recipe make me a food blogger?

I am headed out to the gym for an easy workout (and to figure out how their stationary bikes work before my Indoor Triathlon next Saturday!) and then will be heading over to the CH3 Hash House Harriers for their superbowl watching party.

Enjoy! Go Ravens!


  1. You gotta talk to Anne about Hash House Harriers! I think it sounds right up her alley 🙂

    LOL! The Kitty Half Time is funny. I could get in to football if that is what it was! I wonder what Emma and Data would think of all the lights 😉

  2. Sounds like a great day to me!!!

  3. I’ve been watching the Puppy Bowl all afternoon – that’s my Super Bowl tradition 🙂 (the other one is not really paying attention to the game!)

    I LOVE buffalo chicken dip! I’ll have to try out those truffles, they sound pretty yummy. Have fun!

  4. You know – I didn’t even notice until now that I posted the e-card w/o any actual food photos!

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