It’s been a tiring few days.

Wednesday was a work day w/ a Chicago Tri Club meeting after work!  Goose Island is always a great host, and I loved that our speaker for the week was my new triathlon coach!

Here was my Thursday:

      • 6 am computrainer class at FFC. This was my first FFC cycling class and it kicked my butt! We spent a lot if time climbing ( out if the saddle) – my first time doing that for more than ~5 seconds.
      • I then left my bike T the gym to go to work (oh yeah, work). We had a baby shower today for 3 preggo’s and a daddy! I made this punch and also “baby shower sushi”!
  • 6 pm swim class. I actually had been to an FFC swim class on Tuesday evening and they suggested I come tonight also to see if I liked the group a little better. I did!
  • Mike then picked me and the bike up to go to a (different) pool for his swim workout. I decided not to do another swim workout.

Today was then a super-long day and I’m so glad to just chill out.  It’s been a long few days with some work drama going on, but I’m happy that we’re going into Saturday now! Friday was a good rest day, with some blog catch up & zucchini pizza (gluten-free cheat).

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Good job this week! That sushi looks awesome! Did yours turn out as good as the picture?

    • not exactly. I wish I’d planned ahead more and bought ribbon specifically for this. Instead I used up some green ribbon that just didn’t scream “nori” quite as obviously. I think a wide dark green ribbon or a 1-2 inch leather strip would work well.

  2. that punch looks beyond adorable!!

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