And then there was one more…

No, not that type of baby.  I hope we’re not on Babywatch 2014.  A real baby may interfer with my 140.6 plans as well as general shenanigans!

I’d like to introduce y’all to our newest bike baby – my new Cervelo! I haven’t figured out what to name her yet, but I am pretty sure this is a “she”.

I got her at the Running Away Multisport Dutch Bike sale last weekend, and picked her up right before we headed off to Tucson.  With all of the excitement of prepping for the weekend away, I didn’t get a chance to ride her as “mine” until I got back.  (A Dutch auction, BTW, is where the bikes were all 15% off on the first day, then 20% off on the second day, etc. I got my bike on the last day at 35% off!)

She has new pedals; I’m switching from SPDs to “speedplay” pedals and I spent some time on the trainer yesterday to practice clipping in and out on the new system as well as to get used to the more aggressive geometry of this bike.

She’s a 48 inch bike w/ 650 cc wheels, so she’s smaller than what I’ve been on before.  But it feels more natural.  I’ve questioned if my shoulder pains that I’ve struggled with were potentially due to too-large bikes, as my pain has increased when I increase my cycling volume.

I took her out for a little spin, too.  Clipping in & out and getting used to a new bike’s balancing takes some time, and I have the battle wound to prove it.  Received within a block of my riding her.  After that though, no further wounds!

skinned knee

Happy Monday – ride on! 


  1. Katie @ Live Half Full says:


  2. Katie @ Live Half Full says:

    p.s. I thought you got another cat. 🙂

    • Lauren @ Lauren Runs says:

      yeah right. You’ve been to my place… you should have guessed it might be another bike. Family = 2 adults + 1 cat + 6 bikes = too crazy!!!! Can’t decide who we’re going to get rid of!

  3. Hahaha, that’s how I feel too – I have too many plans and things to train for right now 😉

    • Lauren @ Lauren Runs says:

      Life’s short. While there’s never a great time, I do want to get a couple of things out of the way before seriously looking at family time!

  4. Ooo, nice first road rash!!!! She is a beauty! And so cool that you got her for 35% off! 🙂

  5. Yay!!!! That’s awesome and I’m guessing you got a really great deal with 35% off! I want to hear more about these speedplay pedals! I’ve been saving up my money and I need to go to the bike store to browse tri bikes. I’m debating buying one new or buying a used one online.

    • Lauren @ Lauren Runs says:

      I’ll share more once I get a bit more experience on the pedals! I highly recommend trying to get a fit so you can get a sense of which bikes will be most comfortable for you. We’re on these bikes for 6+ hours at a time! I highly suspect that some of my back issues (since having bought my road bike) were due to my body needing to conform to a too large bike.
      I paid to get the bike fit done, but I think it was worth it. I can tell that I’m straining less, and I’m already in a more aggressive position.

  6. Yay! Someone else with speedplay pedals!!! Thoughts?

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