Monday Moves & Factor 75 Review

Happy President’s Day!

I am happy that we have Monday off today for work and I’m able to do more prep for the week ahead.  Meal Prep, school prep, work prep. & Rest prep!

This weekend was nice & slow as I had some workouts, some resting, and some good food!  Breaking Whole 30 early meant it was a little easier to go out to dinner, so we had an impromptu date night on Friday, and then our official Valentine’s Dinner on Sunday evening.  (BTW – if anyone is looking for a fun place to go out to, the Savoy is a great option & regularly seems to be on Groupon! #valentinesdeal)

Factor 75 Meal Delivery Review

Last week was crazy, but one of the things that helped me from fully starving was that I had meals delivered to work from Factor 75.  I’d won these meals through a giveaway on Chicago Triathlon Bloggers and was eager to try them out.  I’d known that my meal-planning weaknesses would make the training & staying Whole30 hard, so I was excited to use these as soon as I won them.

Factor 75 is a Chicago-based company that (according to Nicole’s interview) “believes in living life to the fullest and making moments that matter. We exist to fuel people’s desire to thrive by preparing and delivering freshly made meals designed to enhance mind and body. Not only do we design our meals to give your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best but they are delicious as they are healthy! Through Factor 75, our customers get to enjoy the food they love while freeing hours of their day to spend enjoying the activities they love.” (source)

So I ordered two Paleo dishes as the closest options for Whole30: the butternut squash lasagna (since I had been missing my pastas) and a salmon-grapefruit salad meal.

When the meals were delivered to my office, they came in a very cute & functional lunch bag with a mini ice-pack inside.
Factor 75 lunchbag And I dug right into my first meal, one of the butternut squash lasagnas!   I found the lasagnas to be tasty, although it was a little complicated to heat up.  You had to cut up the lasagna pieces, and you were supposed to remove the spinach greens from the side.  Since I’m lazy, I just left the greens in, but did cut up the lasagna.  No harm done on the spinach side of things!  Other than that, it was good to go!  It was tasty, maybe a little watery on the {no pasta} lasagna side, but definitely a healthy and easy lunch!


Factor 75 Butternut Squash

I also had the salmon and grapefruit salad one day and that was VERY good!  I didn’t even heat it up (that’s how busy my week was!) and it was delicious.


Pure Barre

Emily invited me to join her at a new-to-me fitness activity called Barre workouts!  We went to Pure Barre here in Wicker Park for a “my abs are falling off” type of a workout.  Perfect for my strength work that I had on the schedule for today.  I felt like an uncoordinated ballerina, but that’s a good thing.  When you’re not awesome at something, you have more to work on.

pure barre workout

We then followed this up with some ab-busting pizza at Piece… my fave local pizzeria!

How’s your President’s Day going?  


  1. Katie @ Live Half Full says:

    Oooh, I’ve been wanting to try Pure Barre. Maybe a lunch date!?

  2. That Pure Barre class sounds like so much fun! I SO enjoyed taking barre class back at FlyWheel in Highland Park but wish there was something closer in the burbs! I should just open up my own studio 🙂

  3. I went to a Pure Barre free class once. I want to get the month unlimted for first time clients because it’s cheaper but otherwise, I can’t see myself going there, it’s too expensive. But I loved the class!! I felt it everywhere the next day!

  4. Nicole Kesten says:

    the butternut squash was sooo yummy .. and i clearly didn’t read the instructions as i didn’t do either of what you mentioned!

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