WIAW: Pasta Making Class

On Saturday Mike & I took a Pasta Making Class at a nearby cooking school / foodie heaven called the Cooking Fools that we’d received as a Christmas gift.

Overall I had a lot of fun at this class, and enjoyed the hands-on nature of making pasta.  It was a BYO class, so we picked up a bottle of chardonnay just prior to going into the class.  On the class itself, I liked being able to see what the instructor did, and then copy that.  I’m not sure I’ll make homemade pasta myself, but it’s not that hard so, maybe I’ll try my hand at it one of these days.


Steps to make pasta:

1. Make your dough. Make little dough balls and set aside to proof slightly.

pasta dough balls

dough balls & wine 🙂

ingredients pasta class

dough balls under our work station!


2. Prep the sauces & fillings.  Or drink some wine while you’re here.

He's making a ricotta filling for ravioli

He’s making a ricotta filling for ravioli

3. Roll out your pasta dough using the pasta-making machine.  We only used the flat setting, and then cut our pastas to shape.


4. Cut your pastas to shape.  For ravioli, add the filling.

Filling the ravioli

Filling the ravioli

5. For ravioli, press them down before you cook them!



6. Place the pastas on a tray before you cook them.

pasta ravioli on tray




Paparadelle criss-cross!

Paparadelle criss-cross!

7. Eat & Enjoy! Food coma.


Thanks to Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting the What I Ate Wednesday Link UP!

Have you ever taken a cooking class?  Yay? Nay? 


  1. I’ve never taken a hands-on cooking class. Only ones where they demo how to prepare the food. Which kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. However, I HAVE made homemade pasta (at a friend’s house) and while it was good I don’t think it was worth the effort! I’d rather just buy it or go out to eat 🙂

    • I hardly ever eat fresh pasta unless I’m out somewhere (and usually I don’t order pasta unless it’s Italian), so this was a real treat for me! But I agree- I’ll probably just buy it from a boutique place if I really want to cook with “today fresh” pasta.

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! Each group made a different dish for the meal, right? I did that once in a “better with beer” cooking class.

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