Triathlon Tuesday: Swim Golf

It’s almost warm enough to golf, eh?:)

Each week I do a few swim workouts.  Two are masters swim practices, and one is a swim technique class with my Ironman training group.  Last week we worked on swim golf.

What is that? It’s a way of finding your sweet spot in terms of how many strokes you take to go the distance as quickly as possible.  Kind of like cadence on a bike or running.  But in the swim, you play the game a little differently:].

Swim golf – or SWOLF – is an interesting drill, intended to measure efficiency in swimming. It’s important to understand how to use it correctly. Here’s the drill (source):

  1. Swim one length of the pool
  2. Count the number of strokes you take
  3. Get your time (in seconds)
  4. Take the sum of (2) and (3). That is your SWOLF score.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4, trying different combinations of stroke rate, stroke length, and effort. Which combinations produce the lowest score?
Don't just power through your stroke - be efficient (source)

Don’t just power through your stroke – be efficient (source)


I found this workout to be challenging, and am still trying to figure out my numbers.

Have you ever played Swim Golf? 

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