Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

I’ve celebrated this week and am coming into 2014 (again) with a fresh take on life! It started off this past week with this cocktail:

Who ever would have thought to add a peep to a cocktail?  The flavor was Sweet Potato Pie, if you must know.

And after Polar Vortex #100ohwhatthef***, we went from this to this: in a matter of 24 hours.


Spring 24hours

For your Sunday Easter reading enjoyment, please check out one of my favorites from my hometown newspaper, the Washington Post:

Peeps It's In the Details


And to looking ahead, I’m starting a new training block and eager to see what’s around the corner waiting for me this spring & summer!

Hoppy Easter to all of you!


  1. Kelly Janowski says:

    Love that cocktail, what a great use of peeps!

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