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laurenprofile.jpgHi!  I’m Lauren! My first run was around the block in my neighborhood in a pair of Vans.  I was in middle school. My childhood best friend (a year or two older than me) was on the cross-country team and I decided to train with her. I didn’t know it then, but a good pair of running shoes is a GOOD investment.  After getting foot pains, I didn’t run much more at all through high school.
Lauren Runs: 
I got into running again by wanting to explore a bit more of DC when I was in college there, and blow off some steam. I did my first 5K my senior year of college.
Now I run for fun, for friends, and to test out my goals and stretch toward my wildest dreams.  I’d love to run the Boston Marathon some day.  I’m super excited to be running this year in the Marine Corps Marathon, the marathon that takes over my home city of Washington D.C. once a year and had us driving a crazy way to get to church early that fall Sunday morning when I was a kid.
Lauren Tris:
I’ve gotten into triathlons.  It’s a funny thing where you swim, bike, then run.  You get a bit kooky and weird, and I like it.  I have gotten to know some great people through triathlon.  The Chicago Tri Club group for one.  Kelly, Alyssa & Amanda for another.
I first learned about triathlon when I was studying abroad in Chile.  It was the spring of 2004, and I was living in something along the lines of a frat house. There were 12 of us living there, about half Chilean and half foreign exchange students.  One of the girls was Katie.  She was from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and ran a lot and went to spin class.  I don’t think I knew anyone who’d done a spin class before.  She was training for Ironman Wisconsin 2005.  She’s a super sweet girl and one of the spunkiest characters I’ve ever met.  She’s now running a triathlon-related not-for-profit called Tri4Schools, helping kids to be more active.
Leon's Triathlon 2016
Lauren Lives: 
My partner in crime & life is Mike.  He’s helped keep me motivated toward my goals, and gotten me to stretch further on my athletic goals than I’d have ever thought possible.  We have a grand time training and planning trips, and traveling to races, and eating good food.
We have a lovely little space of our own in Chicago, where we like to goof around.  We have a cat (Emma) who is a little rambunctious Ragamuffin.  You’ll find more bikes in our living room than people, and various baskets for various workout things.
Lauren Blogs: 
I had started a blog in 2008 when I was looking to share my experiences about a full time volunteer job I was doing living in the Dominican Republic and managing a summer program for  high school volunteers.  After that it turned into a way to grow my skills as a potential way to get a job.  The title of that blog was “Grace Under Pressure.”  I got a job, and I got into running.
Moving to Chicago was hard.  I got a job at a small company, and was trying to figure out how to meet people outside of work.  I had built in friends through Mike (he grew up in Chicago), but wanted to develop “my own” friends too.  I started blogging about my running as I wanted to document my training and racing strategies (and get something called a nervous stomach under control… I’m still working on that one!)
I eventually met up with this great group called the “Chicago Running Bloggers” and have gotten to know an awesome group of runners who also like to share their lives on the internet!  Woo-wee!Mike & Lauren - Fisherman's Wharf

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