Fear and How to Break Through It

Last week felt like the never-ending week. I was afraid it would not end, and crummy things would keep happening.  (Please note, these are mostly #FWP crummy things, not horrible things).  I was afraid.   Afraid that the “bad stuff” would not stop.

Fears. Fear of not finishing an event that I prepared for over six months, and spent over 12 hours the day of the race moving toward the finish line.


Looking at that fear logically, I need to:

  • Swim 2.4 miles in 2 hours & 20 minutes.  This is a 3:37/100 yard pace.  I have this in the bag.  
  • Bike 112 miles by 6:20 PM.  That’s 12.44 mph.  Practice how to change a flat, and I can do this. 
  • Run a marathon by midnight.  Run at a 13:30 pace and I can do this.  

Sometimes you have to take a step back to figure out how to move forward.

No more bare legs for this girl!

In the end, I decided that I can only control what I can, and to work on those things.  And to try not to worry about the stuff beyond my control.  Lists are becoming good. And research.  Breaking down my fear of not finishing Ironman becomes a lot less worrisome when I look at it from the perspective of the individual events and the paces required for each one.

What have you been afraid of?  How do you address your fears? 

Five Things I’ve Learned Friday

  1. I love morning runs, but not when there are thunderstorms.  #backtobed Time for an afternoon workout!


    Emma wanted to snooze too.

  2. Freezing Crockpot meals may not be all that time-saving.  I cooked a frozen one I’d prepped in January, and this was the second time that it didn’t turn out.  Meat had a funny texture, the vegetables never got fully cooked through (still tough in the middle). Sometimes time savings isn’t that helpful. #cheeseandcrackersfordinner #ontomealplanningforreal
  3. Is it a bad thing if I’m proud of having been able to stretch my bottle of wine more than two days?
  4. I enjoy more and more riding my bike. But it’s been a long winter, and I’m a little nervous about getting outside.



  5. When is spring?!!!

Growth & April Goals

Congratulations to Nicole Kesten for winning a race entry to the 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon!  Email me for details!

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 7.12.20 AM












I’m pretty proud of myself. I had a REALLY hard day at work on Tuesday, and my typical M.O. when I get super-stressed is to spend the evening begging out in front of the TV (bottle glass of wine in hand).  I really contemplated doing that last night, but instead forced myself to get to the gym for my ironman group workout(s).  I ran slower than normal (my heart rate was elevated from the stress), but I got my workouts done.

And I felt better afterward.

That’s some progress.

March Goal Recap

  • Continue to be consistent in training. Swim Bike Run Strength.  Check. I have two weeks where I got most/all of the workouts done.  Progress!  
  • Figure out a more manageable schedule.  Yay - Progress!!!
  • Run – and PR? – at the Shamrock Shuffle! Check! Although I did not state it, one of my ongoing goals at the Shamrock Shuffle is to start before Mike finishes.  I failed on this one for 2014 by 11 seconds!  I’ve actually only accomplished this once. 
  • Participate in the #ZoomaPhotoaDay challenge on Instagram.  I participated for 2 days in a row, then left off.  

April Goals

  • Have 3 weeks of training where I complete all scheduled workouts. (This allows for some flexibility for my upcoming vacation!!!)
  • Pay attention to what I’m putting into my body.
  • Try meditation. Some how.
  • Eat oysters or crawfish. Something good.