Tuesday Laughs

This may be a new series. We’ll see. Wanted to share something to make you laugh:   there’s a youtube video there if you’re not seeing it, click into the post.   Related posts: Ironman? This may make you re-think Triathlon Tuesday & HB Tunes Winners Madison Mini Marathon 2012 Race Recap Triathlon Tuesday: Get […]

Five Things Friday #5

IMWI Ready!

Hello! Popping in from the last week of Ironman training, with one more 100+ mile ride to go this weekend.  After that it’s taper & rest!  I know there’s a lot of written recapping… sorry it’s hard to take photos while on a bike or in the water!  (And I just forgot on the run!). […]

Block Island Mineral Sunblock Review

Block Island Sunscreen

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. I received the Natural Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 30 to review. This post contains links to the Block Island Organics websites but my only compensation was the sunscreen. It’s no surprise that one of my big challenges in endurance training and racing is sun protection. I’ve had some […]

Favorite Fall Races


Well, first there’s the big one:   Then, after that… I’m not really sure.  As you may have noticed, I’ve gotten a bit fatigued mentally from the endurance training, so I’m holding back on deciding on any races until after I cross the finish line at Ironman Wisconsin. A few things I’m thinking about: wine, […]

5 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin… Building Confidence

120 mile ride, 95 miles in

Well, for all of my stress from previous weeks, I had basically a perfect training weekend.  The week didn’t necessarily go as planned, but made up for itself come Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Let me tell you about it as I link up with  Tara for the Weekend Update and Erin for Weekend Snapshots! Here were the […]

39 Days to Go to Ironman Wisconsin!

OMG! I don’t remember these nerves last year during training.  I know I’ve been training more, and longer, this year, but I think I’m more nervous than last year! This past weekend I had a crazy training weekend!  I went up to Madison, Wisconsin this weekend with some CTC friends Tiffany & Wei.  We participated […]

The Ugly Side of Long Course Racing


There’s a few things I could write about with this: *athletes who sabotage/ act unsafely for the general good. (Uh, person not looking ahead when they hit my bike… I’m looking to you!) *Ironman corporation’s refusal to allow equal racing opportunities for women as men But today I’m going to focus on the more personal […]

New Journal Menu Giveaway Winner!

journal menu winner2

Never heard from the original winner of my Journal Menu giveaway, so I’ve randomly selected a new one! Nicole X – congratulations! Please email me at laurenrunschicago-at-gmail-dot-com so we can get you connected with the Journal Menu team to design your custom training journal!! Related posts: New Winner for Chicago Half Giveaway IMOO Training Update: […]

Tri Talk Tuesday: Hot Weather Training

chicago july weather

It’s Tri-Talk Tuesday and today’s topic is apropos for the weather we’re having:   I’ve done two “heat preparation” phases now for my triathlon racing this year, and wanted to share both of them. These are training phases where one of my big objectives was to prepare for a race that was hotter than what […]

7 Weeks to Go! Ironman Training Update – the good, the bad, the ugly!

WF Rooftop Yoga collage1

It’s 48 days to go until Ironman Wisconsin, so I’m starting to get a bit nervous!  Am I doing enough?  Am I recovering enough?  Will I meet my goals? Last week was about recovery from the Racine 70.3, so it was a hodge podge as you’ll see, of good, bad and ugly.   That’s how life […]