Treat Yourself Tuesday: Travel Edition


I love the concept of making sure to treat yourself each week.  It doesn’t have to be too crazy, but it does a girl some good to get in the pampering one way or another.  I love how Becky from Olives ‘n Wine celebrates it with Treat Yourself Tuesdays!

tyt olivesnwine


This past week was the ultimate in treating myself! We were on vacation!  First to New Orleans – for some hurricanes, Peep Cocktails, wine & oysters!

Some walkin' & snackin'

Some walkin’ & snackin’



_happyhourAnd then it was off to Brooklyn.  It was COLD there (new jacket, anyone?).  I treated myself to a mani & pedi while there and to prep for the wedding we were attending.  BTW – prices were so much cheaper there for nails than in Chicago!

What’s your spring nail colors?  Any special treats this week?! 


Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

I’ve celebrated this week and am coming into 2014 (again) with a fresh take on life! It started off this past week with this cocktail:

Who ever would have thought to add a peep to a cocktail?  The flavor was Sweet Potato Pie, if you must know.

And after Polar Vortex #100ohwhatthef***, we went from this to this: in a matter of 24 hours.


Spring 24hours

For your Sunday Easter reading enjoyment, please check out one of my favorites from my hometown newspaper, the Washington Post:

Peeps It's In the Details


And to looking ahead, I’m starting a new training block and eager to see what’s around the corner waiting for me this spring & summer!

Hoppy Easter to all of you!

Why I love the Half Marathon

I love half marathons because they are short enough that you can (usually) run hard and still walk the next day, and they are also long enough that if you choose to take it easy, no one will blame you.
To be frank, I haven’t really trained for a 5K or 10K specifically since 2004-2005. In 2006 I started training for my first marathon, and focus has stayed on distance primarily since then. 5Ks & 10Ks are speed work, or sprinkles into a lower key winter training period to just keep running at all.
Most half marathon training plans have you training for around 12 weeks.

This is a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to a goal, even if you’re not sure you’re going to end up as a hardcore runner.

For me, my first several half marathons took me over two and a half hours to complete.  That’s a significant chunk of time, so make sure you are comfortable running for at least 45 minutes before you decide to set your goal on 13.1 miles.  you-can-get-thru-this

If you pick the right type of race, you can have a lot of fun during the race and afterward (hello, eye candy!):



Or you can pick a more bare-bones event to work on smashing your goals & PRs:  IMG_2466

You know you’ve done things right when you are so pooped afterward you just want to lie down.


And even though I’m training for bigger, more complicated events, I still love the half marathon as my favorite running distance, and I’m stoked that I’m going to sneak a few into my training this summer!

Catch me at the Michelob 13.1 Half Marathon on June 7, and the Zooma Half Marathon on August 2!  If you want to join me at Zooma, use the code CAMB3 for 10% off of the registration fee!