How do you celebrate after a race?

Ironman Jacket

I’m back!  Linking up today with the Tuesdays on the Run ladies- Patty, Erika, and Marcia – thanks y’all for hosting! There are a few different ways to celebrate after a race.  I think it’s always important to recognize and acknolwege (at least for yourself) your accomplishments. After Any Race: Be proud.  Take that selfie with your medal, or […]

Weekly Recap/Review


Hello and Happy Monday! I’m really trying to keep up with sharing things on the blog, but life has been busy!  Thank you to the lovely ladies who host Monday linkups, as you’ve been my blogging motivation the past few weeks: HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap, and Her Heartland Soul for Weekend Snapshots! Here’s what […]

Wassup with you?


Grad school is still taking a lot of my time (does it ever let up?!) but I wanted to share some things going on. 1. I’m going to a triathlon coaching clinic this weekend! I’m super excited to learn more about the science behind the sport, and getting more involved with the sport outside of […]

Weekend Wrap-Up


Weekend Adventures This weekend was about cycling!  I embarked on a Chicago Tri Club annual event, the Hannah’s Hundred, a low-key, no-drop century ride.  We left from Wrigley Field and headed up north. We stopped for muffins, coffee & pie along the way! Somewhere after pie, but before hitting Wisconsin, I had a spectacular crash. […]

Currently… [#4]


Woo, October is feeling quite busy! And a time to slow down a little.  But still keep going!  Here’s what’s going on currently with me: Thinking… About mindfulness a lot.  I should probably just start a meditation practice. Feeling… sore! I just did my first strength workout since Ironman (we did one per week during the season, […]