WIAW: Blaze Pizza & the Elimination Diet

My Blaze Pizza Creation #BlazePizzaChicago

Well that’s an oxymoron… pizza on an elimination diet?  Yes, pretty much.   Last night I met up with the Windy City Bloggers for my first “big girl” blogging get together. Those fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers are a lot more together than I feel like I am! We met at Blaze Pizza, which is […]

Plant Protein: Whole Foods Cooking Class

Perfecting my chopping skills

Woo! It’s been a crazy busy week, so I’m catching up from last weekend still!  As I stated earlier, I’m working on eating healthier and getting back into a regular workout routine in my efforts to lose weight before IMWI 2015 training starts (in February!).  So this past week here were my workouts: Sunday – 9 mile run […]

My meal planning process


Good morning!  I thought I’d follow up on my last post around eating habits and share what my meal planning looks like these days.  Usually by Saturday morning, I finish this up so that the husband is ready for the weekend grocery shopping. I plan out each week in Evernote, and start off with the […]

How to Make a Crawfish Boil

lion cat

A recap from my New Orleans trip back in April!  Time has run away, and I wanted to share my final special experience from that trip! In New Orleans we were invited to a very special activity – a crawfish boil at someone’s home!  We have a friend who moved to NOLA and one of […]

Sports Nutrition Saturday


I’m going to periodically chronicle my nutritional experiences as I go through ironman training. For a 10-17 hour event like Ironman, proper fueling is a critical component of your race day success.  Improper fueling, whether too much/not enough/not right can override all of the physical and mental training that you’ve been through for the past […]

WIAW: Pasta Making Class

pasta making paparadelle

On Saturday Mike & I took a Pasta Making Class at a nearby cooking school / foodie heaven called the Cooking Fools that we’d received as a Christmas gift. Overall I had a lot of fun at this class, and enjoyed the hands-on nature of making pasta.  It was a BYO class, so we picked […]

Monday Moves & Factor 75 Review

pure barre workout

Happy President’s Day! I am happy that we have Monday off today for work and I’m able to do more prep for the week ahead.  Meal Prep, school prep, work prep. & Rest prep! This weekend was nice & slow as I had some workouts, some resting, and some good food!  Breaking Whole 30 early […]

What I Ate Wednesday: Whole30

Super Duper Burger Salad

Today is day 16 of my Whole 30 nutritional reboot.  I wrote earlier this week on how I’m feeling and what I’m missing.  But what am I actually eating?  Here’s a glimpse. This is actually from Friday / Saturday when I was in San Francisco this past weekend.  Eating this clean while away from home […]

How I’m Feeling on Whole 30

Whole30 Timeline header

So I’m about 14 days in now to my Whole 30 dietary reset and thought I’d share about how I feel: Day 1 (Jan 20)- I was traveling.  Worried about getting too hungry… on my 2 hour trip!  Felt a bit lower key. Day 2 – at work.  At ground beef for breakfast (!).  Didn’t […]

What I’m Missing on Whole30


I’m about 10 days into Whole30 now, and I am starting to realize foods I’m missing: The ease of grains and carbs. I’m tired of the meal planning, but I’m not used to having to do meal planning for myself, all week long. Carby photos on Pinterest.  And knowing I can’t/won’t eat them for another […]