How to Make a Crawfish Boil

A recap from my New Orleans trip back in April!  Time has run away, and I wanted to share my final special experience from that trip!

In New Orleans we were invited to a very special activity – a crawfish boil at someone’s home!  We have a friend who moved to NOLA and one of her local friends wanted to put this on for us.

1. Put your crawfish in a baby pool and rinse them out a few times. Don’t let any crawfish run to freedom.

IMG_3154 crawfish raw

2. Pour crawfish into a big pot with other “boil” goodies:  potatoes, sausage, onions & garlic.


3.  Stir the pot.  I think we had to wait ~10 minutes per pot of crawfish.

4. Pour them out onto a picnic table & enjoy!

I miss New Orleans and loved it’s personality!  The crawfish boil was an unexpected special treat and so cool to see! They were juicy, good & spicy!

Sports Nutrition Saturday

I’m going to periodically chronicle my nutritional experiences as I go through ironman training. For a 10-17 hour event like Ironman, proper fueling is a critical component of your race day success.  Improper fueling, whether too much/not enough/not right can override all of the physical and mental training that you’ve been through for the past six months to two years, so it’s important to figure out your nutrition through training.  Please note that I am not a dietician or a coach, so what I am sharing is my own experience. Your experience may be different.  For advice, please seek out a sports nutritionist or qualified coach.  

So far in our shorter training blocks thus far, I’ve been using Nuun, and recently started using the Ironman Perform sports drink, since that’s out on the course.  So far that’s been working well for me (which is a surprise given my challenges with finding good sports drinks over the years!)

Today, I had a two hour ride on the books, followed by a transition run.  I wanted to see how the Ironman Perform would work with my mainstay from the 2013 season, Hammer Perpetuem. I decided I’d take a shot of the caffe latte Perpetuem paste every 40 minutes (starting 20 minutes into the ride), and drink the Perform throughout.  Water as well.

Less than half an hour into the ride, I started feeling my stomach. Being full. I know I didn’t properly fuel the night before for this training ride, so I wasn’t sure if this was the bottle of wine talking back to me.  It didn’t feel like that.  I was definitely noticing it again after the first hour. Thankfully I didn’t have to go to the bathroom; it was all higher up in my stomach. Since this is early on in training, I decided to take the 1:40 paste shot but did not feel like I needed to eat. I worked on spacing out in between that shot and drinking perform again.  By the time I got off the bike at two hours, I was feeling a bit better.

For the run afterward, I had a bit of water and no issues.


I think I had “delayed gastric emptying” going on after searching through Anatomy of a Gastroenterologist’s blog.  Also, after looking at what I took in, against my coach’s recommendations for intake, I did not meet the mark in hardly any of the key areas (caloric consumption, carbs, sodium).  Clearly I’ll need to plan a bit better for next time.


WIAW: Pasta Making Class

On Saturday Mike & I took a Pasta Making Class at a nearby cooking school / foodie heaven called the Cooking Fools that we’d received as a Christmas gift.

Overall I had a lot of fun at this class, and enjoyed the hands-on nature of making pasta.  It was a BYO class, so we picked up a bottle of chardonnay just prior to going into the class.  On the class itself, I liked being able to see what the instructor did, and then copy that.  I’m not sure I’ll make homemade pasta myself, but it’s not that hard so, maybe I’ll try my hand at it one of these days.


Steps to make pasta:

1. Make your dough. Make little dough balls and set aside to proof slightly.

pasta dough balls

dough balls & wine :-)

ingredients pasta class

dough balls under our work station!


2. Prep the sauces & fillings.  Or drink some wine while you’re here.

He's making a ricotta filling for ravioli

He’s making a ricotta filling for ravioli

3. Roll out your pasta dough using the pasta-making machine.  We only used the flat setting, and then cut our pastas to shape.


4. Cut your pastas to shape.  For ravioli, add the filling.

Filling the ravioli

Filling the ravioli

5. For ravioli, press them down before you cook them!



6. Place the pastas on a tray before you cook them.

pasta ravioli on tray




Paparadelle criss-cross!

Paparadelle criss-cross!

7. Eat & Enjoy! Food coma.


Thanks to Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting the What I Ate Wednesday Link UP!

Have you ever taken a cooking class?  Yay? Nay?