On the Road & your healthy habits #

A healthy snack I intentionally planned.  Wish I'd had more Think Jerky to last me through the week!

No secret that I struggled last week with staying healthy while on my first real work trip in over a year. For me, getting out of the habit of travelling for work made it harder to maintain my at-home healthy habits while on the road. And unlike vacation, with a work trip you either don’t want to indulge […]

Tips for Eating Clean in a Busy Life

Two Grand Lunch

I’m still catching up from my crazy training, food misses, and travel, and I wanted to share a few tips and reminders I have on how to eat clean in a crazy busy life!  These are also meant to be reminders for me as Ironman training is not going to get less busy! Quick Suggestions: […]

Metabolic Efficiency Training


One philosophy on nutrition and weight management that I’ve been exploring recently is Metabolic Efficiency. What is it? The idea in a very catchy way is to train your body to be as metabolically efficient as possible. That means that you are burning mostly fat, and that you can do a lot of your athletic […]

Elimination Diet Follow-up

Paleo Everything Bagels

Well, it’s been a little while since I last chatted about the elimination diet I started back in January. At the end of February I started to plan out how I would conscientiously reintroduce the foods I’d eliminated to see how I reacted to each of them. To Beans: I felt uncomfortably full after I […]

Making a Low-Cal Cocktail with Slim Lizzy’s

Slim Lizzies Cranberry Cosmo

Recently I had the opportunity to try a new kind of cocktail from Slim Lizzy’s.  I got to try a few flavors and make a few of the recipes they suggested!  They have a margarita drink and a cosmopolitan.  As someone who is body conscious and a triathlete looking to manage weight, I don’t want […]