My Favorite Low Carb & Grain-Free Hacks

I’m not sure how many of you have tried lower carb diets (or if you prefer to call it, eating behaviors), but this has been one of the better and more sustainable methods for me to manage my weight while also maintaining energy to pursue my triathlon and running goals.  Last year, I learned about metabolic efficiency […]

On the Road & your healthy habits #

No secret that I struggled last week with staying healthy while on my first real work trip in over a year. For me, getting out of the habit of travelling for work made it harder to maintain my at-home healthy habits while on the road. And unlike vacation, with a work trip you either don’t want to indulge […]

Tips for Eating Clean in a Busy Life

I’m still catching up from my crazy training, food misses, and travel, and I wanted to share a few tips and reminders I have on how to eat clean in a crazy busy life!  These are also meant to be reminders for me as Ironman training is not going to get less busy! Quick Suggestions: […]

Metabolic Efficiency Training

One philosophy on nutrition and weight management that I’ve been exploring recently is Metabolic Efficiency. What is it? The idea in a very catchy way is to train your body to be as metabolically efficient as possible. That means that you are burning mostly fat, and that you can do a lot of your athletic […]

Elimination Diet Follow-up

Well, it’s been a little while since I last chatted about the elimination diet I started back in January. At the end of February I started to plan out how I would conscientiously reintroduce the foods I’d eliminated to see how I reacted to each of them. To Beans: I felt uncomfortably full after I […]