Treat Yourself Tuesday: Ironman Bribery Edition

Only a few more days to enter my giveaway for handheld tunes

OK so I haven’t exactly treated myself yet to these, but this is my public declaration of bribing myself.  I really want to accomplish my training plan for this training block (next 3 weeks: May 19-June 8).  Sticking to the training plan is one of my big goals for Ironman training, and I admit that  I haven’t been as good about this as I’d like.  (Confession:  I kind of didn’t really run or swim last week.)

So we are onto bribery.  A future So Treat Yourself Tuesday.   Here’s the deal:

1. If I can accomplish the full training plan 10 days in a row, then I get a prize.

2. If I can accomplish the full training plan all 21 days, then I get an even bigger prize!

(Note: there is always a rest day each week. That counts in my streak of following the training plan.)

Here are my options:

Lulu Shorts

lulu shorts – for wearing under shorter skirts

Oiselle shorts

Oiselle shorts

I tried thinking of what else I want and can’t really think of anything.  More time off, to train? Someone to do my laundry? Time (to get a manicure/pedicure?).  What else should I put on my want list? 

Also – does anyone else think the Oiselle model has a really odd-shaped knee?  I looked at some other photos, and either their photographers are really consistent at photoshop (to make her knee look odd) or it’s really like that!  Most of the other colors of short have enough slight differences in angle, but the same odd-shaped knee, that I think it must be real.

Help Me Put Together My Wish List!!! 

Growth & April Goals

Congratulations to Nicole Kesten for winning a race entry to the 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon!  Email me for details!

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I’m pretty proud of myself. I had a REALLY hard day at work on Tuesday, and my typical M.O. when I get super-stressed is to spend the evening begging out in front of the TV (bottle glass of wine in hand).  I really contemplated doing that last night, but instead forced myself to get to the gym for my ironman group workout(s).  I ran slower than normal (my heart rate was elevated from the stress), but I got my workouts done.

And I felt better afterward.

That’s some progress.

March Goal Recap

  • Continue to be consistent in training. Swim Bike Run Strength.  Check. I have two weeks where I got most/all of the workouts done.  Progress!  
  • Figure out a more manageable schedule.  Yay – Progress!!!
  • Run – and PR? – at the Shamrock Shuffle! Check! Although I did not state it, one of my ongoing goals at the Shamrock Shuffle is to start before Mike finishes.  I failed on this one for 2014 by 11 seconds!  I’ve actually only accomplished this once. 
  • Participate in the #ZoomaPhotoaDay challenge on Instagram.  I participated for 2 days in a row, then left off.  

April Goals

  • Have 3 weeks of training where I complete all scheduled workouts. (This allows for some flexibility for my upcoming vacation!!!)
  • Pay attention to what I’m putting into my body.
  • Try meditation. Some how.
  • Eat oysters or crawfish. Something good.

Whoa. February Recap & March Goals

Apparently I am the queen of w-word post titles.  It’s been a long week, and I’m a bit nostalgic that February has wrapped up and we’re into March now.  Here’s my Feb details:

How I’m feeling:

A little overwhelmed.  Ironman training started this month and I’m loving it.

Iron Thoughts: 

I am loving Ironman training.  I have two great coaches who are incredibly responsive, and an awesome group of people I’m training with (most are training for IMWI).  But I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed between Work, IM training, Grad School (two classes at moment), and wanting to keep a semblance of life balance.  The first month was about getting used to the routine and learning how to train.  Effort-wise, definitely lower key than marathon training.  We are doing lower heart rate training and I’m running at slower paces that I’ve trained at before. But it’s interesting to see that even within one month my pace at that heart rate has gotten faster.

Time management though, is key.  I am remembering the time it takes to recover.  Not physically, but mentally.  I am also remembering that I need to fuel for training, and eat as healthfully as possible.  Nourish the body, and also to nourish the soul.

I’ve also been paying attention to my body composition as a part of Ironman training.  I’m not focused on weight as a number, but things like my power-to-weight ratio and pace at various heart rates.

March Goals:

  • Continue to be consistent in training. Swim Bike Run Strength.
  • Figure out a more manageable schedule.
  • Run – and PR? – at the Shamrock Shuffle!
  • Participate in the #ZoomaPhotoaDay challenge on Instagram

    You can participate too! Just use the hashtag #zoomaphotoaday and tag @zoomaruns

    You can participate too! Just use the hashtag #zoomaphotoaday and tag @zoomaruns