Checking in on my 2016 Intentions


How are you doing this Wednesday? Yesterday was a little rough at work, just that getting back into the “work” mindset.  Especially since I’m heading on vacation next week! Regardless, I wanted to take today to check in on how I’m doing on my 2016 goals.  You may recall, I actually set intentions for the […]

March Review & April Goals!


Happy April 1!!  Although I’m a bit annoyed by the weather… it’s gotten pretty rainy and still chilly here in Chicago.  I’m hopeful that April brings warmer temps.  Otherwise I’m moving.  (j/k?  not sure if this is an April Fools!) So, how’d I do in March?! For 2016, I set five focus areas to pay […]

February Review & March Goals!


March has definitely come “in like a lion,” so let’s hope it ends “like a lamb!”  It’s snowing again in Chicago today, and supposedly we’re getting 5 inches.  I don’t believe it, we had another fake snowstorm last week.  How was your February, and what are you hoping for in your March goals? So, how’d […]

January Review & February Goals!

Happy February!  I’m definitely enjoying our mild weather right now and happy to keep marching toward spring.  Sun, please stay out! For 2016, I set five focus areas to pay attention to growing in each month.  Looking back at January, here’s how I did on my for 2016.  I didn’t set specific goals or targets […]

Do You Do Goals, or Themes for 2016?

My "Themes" for 2016

Happy 2016!  I wrapped up last year checking in on my goals from 2015, and want to share my approach for 2016… themes! I’m adjusting my perspective a little differently this year… instead of lots of major items and very specific goals, I’m picking a few themes that I want to work on throughout the year. I have a […]