Weekend Warrior or RaceCation?

My thoughts on doing races either in one’s hometown or at “race-cation” sites. Do you prefer

2017 Bucket List

I hope you all had a nice new year’s holiday!  I am happy to say that New Year’s Eve was quite fun and spent with friends that I enjoy hanging out with all year long! In the morning I got my sweat on at Wellfit, and after our computrainer ride we celebrated with some mimosas. […]

A look back at my 2016 Goals and Hopes

Happy almost New Year! I hope you’ve had a nice holiday.  As we wrap up the 2016 year, I thought I’d look back on how I was hoping to change and what I was hoping to accomplish during this year. In 2016 I approached my new year’s goals slightly different than in past years. I created […]

Checking in on my 2016 Intentions

How are you doing this Wednesday? Yesterday was a little rough at work, just that getting back into the “work” mindset.  Especially since I’m heading on vacation next week! Regardless, I wanted to take today to check in on how I’m doing on my 2016 goals.  You may recall, I actually set intentions for the […]

March Review & April Goals!

Happy April 1!!  Although I’m a bit annoyed by the weather… it’s gotten pretty rainy and still chilly here in Chicago.  I’m hopeful that April brings warmer temps.  Otherwise I’m moving.  (j/k?  not sure if this is an April Fools!) So, how’d I do in March?! For 2016, I set five focus areas to pay […]