Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Giveaway

When I was at the Chicago Marathon Expo last weekend, I was shocked to walk in and see a humongus bra sitting in the middle of the expo space.  Turned out it was the Stories of the Girls station hosted by Advocate Health Care.
Big or Small

Big or Small

I’m glad we’re making progress from wearing pink & buying pink stuff to talking more and more about how to truly care for your breasts and preventive care, and the impact that breast cancer (and really any cancer) has on a patient, on family, on friends.
In celebration of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Suddora Sweatbands has released special breast cancer awareness sweatbands and provided me with some sweatbands to give away!  They are also donating  5% of all sales during the month of October in support of breast cancer awareness.

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Five Things Friday

1. For me, this fall has had a lot of “working through things”.  Not just my post-ironman stuff, but getting back into the swing of things with school (short story: it was very hard, and I’m pausing again), healthy eating, and

2. As I mentioned earlier this week, eating healthfully and starting to put together a plan for weight loss is something that’s important to me.  I joined One Crazy Penguin’s October Stay Away from Tricks and Treats Challenge! While I haven’t always stayed true (oops – pumpking spice oreo today!), I am trying to get better at using my community to help me stay on track.  Oh yeah, and I am trying Diet Bet, where you put some $$ on the line for your weight loss goal.  If you meet your goal, you get your money back.


3. I’m excited to be running the Hero 10K this weekend!  Erin & Valerie ran it last year, and I won an entry from a giveaway on Valerie’s blog.  I’m excited for this race, and going to see if I can dig out my Wonder Woman costume from last year’s IMWI volunteering:

Wonder Women!


4. I’m also starting to research Cross-Fit and see about upping my strength!  It’s an opportunity for me to build a better body, and has had some rave reviews from friends both online and offline.  I’ll keep you posted!

5. And it’s been a while, so I’m bringing back Emma!  We’re doing some purging at home (more on that later) and recently sold a twin bed that was in our guest room.  (We’re going to get a daybed or futon soon). But the bed is gone and our cat just sits on the window sill and looks down, all forlorn, at where the bed used to be. Boo hoo!

Forlorn Emma


Slowly back at it

If my posting on this blog is reflective of my fitness, I haven’t been doing much lately.  Switching from Ironman mode into “life mode” proved a bit more challenging than I’d have liked, especially with as much as I consider my identity and interests tied in with my athletic and physical efforts over the past year.

I did the Bucktown 5K and hurt more than my PR 5K.  I had run after run that was hard.  I really didn’t even get up the nerve to write my final Ironman recap until after seeing all of my IM training buddies and feeling that I was (somewhat) accomplished even though I sometimes feel like I gave up.

It hasnt helped that I’ve been focused on some other, non-athletic areas.  Some have been hard, some easier.  School has been hard.  Really hard to get back and focused.  Seeing friends – easy.  Catching up on sleep (primarily by sleeping in… um, daily?!) – not hard.  Getting organized back at work – not hard.

But getting back into my workout groove has been challenging. I wanted to focus this fall on losing weight and getting to a standard healthy weight, in order to optimize both my athletic performance and health.  Well, guess who gained almost 10 pounds in 2 months, “watching what she ate”?  Guess who had 10 hard short runs in a row?  And by hard, I don’t mean fast.  I mean that I was going slow, putting out high effort, and needing to take walk breaks on a 30 minute workout.  Not what I expected from an Ironman.

But I think I’m turning the corner.  I’m getting my shit back together outside of training.  School goes back in the box for a bit (until next Ironman is done).  Other stuff is falling into place.  Runs don’t feel as bad.  And I think I have some new interim goals I’m working on:

  • half marathon PR? I’m not sure when it will happen, but I’m lining up a few options.
  • strength training, like whoa.  I took a cross-fit intro class and am visiting another two gyms this week to find out where I want to get my booty in order.  I want to get into some serious strength training habits before I head back into the pain cave come March/April.
  • nutrition & weight loss.  This one I don’t have fully figured out yet.  But looking back, I am making a list of things that have worked well for me, and am going to start implementing each of those habits. I’m a bit nervous about declaring this publicly, but I do seriously want to put my all into Ironman Wisconsin, and if that means giving up an extra 20 pounds, I’d like to figure out how to make that as feasible as possible.

I find fall a time where I think about goals much more than New Years.  Anyone else setting new fall intentions?