Thankful Things Thursday!

Well, December is flying by!  It’s been a little while since I posted, so here’s what am thankful for that’s been going on in my life:

Some holiday parties – mostly triathlon-themed ones :) At one we had a triathlon-themed dessert-off.  I tried but my icing-painting skills are not up to par with others! And at others we just enjoyed ourselves, and posed with Power Gels!

Wellfit holiday party – at Goose Island’s Barrel House 

Closed on our first house!  I’m super excited about this :) We’re staying in Chicago, but moving to a bigger space and parking.  We move in mid-January.  One thing I am super thankful about is that we will not have to navigate the street parking again one more winter here at our current spot!

first home card

Winter workouts – even if it’s just at the gym since it hasn’t really snowed yet! I appreciate it best when it’s with friends! Although I don’t love it if it’s before 9 AM :)

renee and lauren

Catching up on Netflix… we started watching The Walking Dead together, and Scandal is my “me time” TV show these days!

Becoming a Coeur Sports Ambassador for 2015!  I found out about this on Monday and I am super excited to be a part of the team and to represent a women’s-focused brand!

coeur ambassador


I’m off next week and planning to take some time to celebrate the season with family and friends, and to reflect on the year ending and the new one beginning.  Happy Thursday!  

What are you thankful for this week?  

Chicago Crime Tour

Looking for something to do to get out in Chicago, or find something for your holiday guests?   I recently took the opportunity to be a tourist in my own city and went on something that I’ve long wanted to do… a Chicago Crime Tour!  IMG_4308

Mike got this tour for me for my birthday a few weeks ago, and selected that we go with Chicago Crime Tours. While I’d originally wanted to see the “Gangster Tours” black school bus I’ve seen driving around the city, this tour company turned out to be super nice and have much more comfortable seating!   We went on a Saturday morning and the tour left near Water Tower Place off of Michigan Avenue.

The first area we headed toward was Lincoln Park (who knew – a mobster hotbed!) and saw the spot where John Dillinger was shot.  One of the other reasons we picked this particular crime tour is because it’s one of the only ones that has you get off the bus to see some of the spots.  So we go outside of the Biograph Theater to hear about how John Dillinger was captured and shot, and see the Pizano’s next to it.

As we got back on the bus, we observe a man attempt to recreate the scene, complete with squirting a red liquid onto the ground in the alley.


Sketch-looking Dillinger recreation

We drove around other spots and learned of other places well known for various crimes. Like the Walgreens at North & Wells (by Fleet Feet Pipers Alley), which was the point of sale for the first of the Chicago Tylenol murders.


Mike looking like a modern hipster criminal



We had a lot of fun, and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone else looking to learn about the “underbelly” side of Chicago History!


What’s the most fun touristy thing you’ve done in your own city? 

Take Time Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  I’m feeling awesome, partly because I just finished up my first real swim workout since Ironman.  I’ve splashed around a bit, but this was the first time actually swimming.  Go team Well-fit with their 5:45 AM swims!

swim!That wasn’t quite a frostly swim day (the photo is from Louisville), but it was good to feel what it’s like to swim again.  I’d like to take time to appreciate my workout buddies, as I’ve really been depending on them to help keep me going on getting back into a triathlon training routine.  It’s good, since I’m trying to decide on whether I could be ready for a 70.3 in March (in Puerto Rico).  I pretty much have to dedicate myself now to the training, but would love to get a head start on my missed 70.3 time goal from last year!

The other group is my Chicago Tri Club friends, where there’s a Sunday “Muffin Run” group that gets me up for a run on a Sunday morning!  You run and then brunch, and even if I don’t go run with them, I know if I’m going to see someone later, I better have run or worked out before I see them on a Sunday.

Muffin Run


Linking up with Katie and Becky as getting in my workouts with friends is an important part of taking care of myself and treating myself well!