Why I’m working to be a better morning runner (Three Things Thursday Edition)


1. I ran across this article from “The Muse” about how your life changes when you start running in the morning.  I love the idea of working out in the morning, however sometimes struggle if I don’t have a scheduled time, and also if I haven’t slept that great.  If all goes as planned, I should be […]


Dreams into reality

As runners and triathletes, we write up goals and work toward them. But sometimes it’s good for us to think about our dreams.  I’m a middle/back-of-the-packer, and for me, I’m not really close to qualifying for the Boston Marathon or Kona at this point. But there are dreams.  These are visions that I’m not ready to commit to […]

Dream Race Swag

Dream Swag - Fun Running Shoes!!

Mm…. what would be the BEST thing to get as a result of doing a race? My Dream Swag: Shoes– like the Brooks Boston Lobster shoes for doing a marathon like that. I know you have to buy them the way it goes today, but wouldn’t that be AWESOME if they gave them to you?? […]

Judgment in Cheating Runners


It’s funny, most of us get into these sports of running and triathlon for our own benefit… give me a challenge, get fit, improve health. But what about when it can turn “Mean Girls” judgy?  I’m exploring the judgment in cheating runners. But at some point, we also bring in that aspect that makes us […]

Paleo Blondies

Almond Butter Blondies

I’ve been trying to eat following along the lines of metabolic efficiency, which is a mixture of paleo & low-carb, and I eat dairy.  So lots of sugary sweets are out.  But sometimes when you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ve gotta find something that works for you!  One of my favorite desserts to make are […]