So I have this thing…

Swim Toys

Great way to start a post, yeah? So I have this thing… About swimming.  I enjoy swimming, but I’ve got this thing: That it’s not worth swimming if it’s less than 2000 That it’s not worth swimming if I’m by myself I really enjoy Masters swim practices (I go to the ones hosted by Wellfit). […]

Runfessions: August Edition

Roar Book

Hello! We’re coming up to the end of August… which means that summer is ending (boo), but also that it’s time for some Runfessions! I’m linking up with Marcia’s monthly link-up, and sharing some stuff going on. I ran in the Madison Mini Marathon last weekend, and still wishing I was faster.  I’ve been thinking about […]

Listen to your body

Listen to your body

So at the end of my Ironman Wisconsin journey almost a year ago, I completed the Ironman triathlon for the second time. I was happy to have finished, proud of the time I’d shaved off from my first Ironman a year earlier, and also dead tired. I went into my recovery week(s) with a busy […]

Friday Five

Lake Zurich Triathlon

1. Wow! I forgot how much a vacation can take you out of your daily routines! I’ve been working just to keep up with work now that I’m back, and prioritizing which of my workouts I HAVE to do. Running – yes! I’m in marathon training mode. Swimming – I’d love to, but I’ve needed […]

Sneaky Time Management for Triathletes

Time management… what’s that?  As triathletes, we balance training for three sports, and most of us balance that on top of work and home responsibilities.  Here are a few tips I have for you! Plan your schedule for the week Know when you’re working out, and when you need to pack work clothes or workout […]