Five Things I’ve Learned Friday

  1. I love morning runs, but not when there are thunderstorms.  #backtobed Time for an afternoon workout!


    Emma wanted to snooze too.

  2. Freezing Crockpot meals may not be all that time-saving.  I cooked a frozen one I’d prepped in January, and this was the second time that it didn’t turn out.  Meat had a funny texture, the vegetables never got fully cooked through (still tough in the middle). Sometimes time savings isn’t that helpful. #cheeseandcrackersfordinner #ontomealplanningforreal
  3. Is it a bad thing if I’m proud of having been able to stretch my bottle of wine more than two days?
  4. I enjoy more and more riding my bike. But it’s been a long winter, and I’m a little nervous about getting outside.



  5. When is spring?!!!

Treat Yourself Tuesday

I had a pretty awesome weekend this weekend, so I’m so grateful for the ability to treat myself and to appreciate loved ones around me! When the going gets tough, things like this are awesome to look back to!  I’m linking up with Becky from Olives’n'Wine for her Treat Yourself Tuesday!

tyt olivesnwine

Friday Night Comedy Show

My sister and her boyfriend came to town this weekend as they wanted to see a comedy show and invited Mike & I along!  I hadn’t been to a comedy show in a loooong time, so this was an awesome treat!  We saw Amy Schumer at the Auditorium Theatre.  The theatre is amazing (125 years old and still beautiful!), and Amy Schumer was a hoot!  She has a tv show on Comedy Central that you should check out if you’re into raunchy humor.  I am!


Auditorium Theatre

Amy Schumer


Saturday Brunch

We followed up our little date on Saturday morning with some mimosa brunch time! Old Oak Tap is seriously underrated and it was amazing food.  Mike & I went there for an impromptu date night last month, and I think we need to go back more frequently.

In addition to my multiple mimosas, I also had a BLT sandwich which was OTTW (out of this world).  Fried Green Tomatoes, bacon, and pimento cheese. (Oh yeah, and arugula). And some of the best fries ever.


BLT Old Oak Tap IMG_3087

Tapas Monday:

I got to see my running BFF Lilian!  We’re not really running together any more, but we used to see each other every Saturday morning for about two years to run.  We even took two running trips! Anyway, after not having seen her for a month or two, I was more than OK with taking a rest day post-Shamrock Shuffle to have dinner with her.  We said we’d do a run date, but with the impending rain clouds, we switched it up to just a good time at Cafe Iberico!



What have you treated yourself to lately!  

Three Things Thursday

Run with me on June 7 at the Michelob 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon!  Enter my giveaway to win a free registration!

1. I’m done with my big tests for this week! Swim Test, check. Bike test, check. Pretty big improvements on both (although I wonder if I tested poorly the first time on the swim…)
I upped my watts by 10% on the bike, and dropped my swim time by 11 seconds per hundred meters.  I thought it would be good to do a check point on my Ironman big hairy ass goals:

  • I’m 30% closer to my 30 minute swim goal at the half iron distance! The race is in two weeks though, so not sure I’ll get it for the big relay of NOLA 70.3. Perhaps for my June 70.3.
  • Bike speed goal: I am making progress. I haven’t been outside yet (on my bike, this year), and my indoor speeds vary depending on the workout. We’re not focused on speed as much as power & overall fitness. I’m improving on both of those!
  • Training Consistency:  I am making this a week-by-week goal.  This week, goal to complete all workouts unless otherwise dictated by the allowed “Shamrock Shuffle” adjustments.

2. Emma has been “generally unimpressed” lately. With food, with me coming home. Remember when she used to be a cutie and greet me at the door?! Now she hangs out upstairs and just meows when I get up there.


3. I’m so looking forward to the Shamrock Shuffle this weekend! This race has a special spot in my heart (and on my finger!). I’ve decided to race this all out and see how fast I can go right now. I hope to PR (faster than 9:03 pace), and I’d love to go close to a 43:00… Sub 8:51 pace. Eek. I haven’t done a ton of speedy running lately, so this will be an interesting day!.