Ripping off the Band-Aid

Ripping the Band-Aid Off

Often, inaction is easier than action. More comfortable. Safer. But without action, there is no growth. Inaction is easier than action. That’s certainly been my experience recently. Work & life got really busy in late October, right around the time of the marathon. While I made it through the marathon, and am happy with my […]

Post-Marathon Weekly Wrap


I ran the Marine Corps Marathon a week ago (recap coming… its taken me a little while to get this down). Here’s how my post-race week shook out: Monday – I flew back to Chicago and spent the afternoon chilling out. I went to Wellfit and spent some time recapping my race with others, getting […]

October Runfessions

October Runfessions

We’re at the last weekday in October, and I’m itching to get this marathon over with! But first, some Runfessions. 1. Of course, I’m hoping that the Marine Corps Marathon goes really well on Sunday.  I’m trying not to be too over-confident on being able to run this well.  I’d really like to PR, and […]

How to Use the Garmin Virtual Pacer

How to Use Garmin's Virtual Pacer Feature by Lauren Runs

Hello to those of you stopping in for the blog hop! I’m Lauren and I like to share my adventures in running and triathlon, both on the training and racing side of things!  You can read more about me here! I’m getting ready for the Marine Corps Marathon THIS WEEKEND (!) and wanted to share with […]

Race Do-Over: My Chicago Marathon Experience


Have you ever wanted a race do-over? I have.  And I’m sure many runners and triathletes out there do too… that’s usually why we keep at our events, because there is usually always something to improve upon. Chicago Marathon For me, I’d re-do my 2012 Chicago Marathon.  I’m kind of looking to do this at the […]