NYC Marathon Giveaway + Get a Clean Start!

Sometimes we all need a clean start.  Ever been in a rut, where nothing is ever going your way?  Sometimes a clean start is what we need to get our groove back on.  I have a number of friends who were somewhat disappointed when they didn’t get into the New York City Marathon, one of the marathons with a lottery entry that usually makes you wait several years to get accepted.

PowerBar is offering a great TCS New York City Marathon contest this year to get a “Clean Start” with entries into the NYC Marathon! They are promoting this in conjunction with the release of their new “Clean Start” whey protein bars.

Last year 80K runners entered the NYC marathon lottery but only 20K were selected. This year PowerBar wants to offer those who found themselves unlucky in the lottery a second chance.

The contest is also opened to the hundreds of runners who found themselves on the DNF list due to injury, fatigue or just bad luck.

While I haven’t actually entered the NYC Marathon, or lost out on a lottery that I haven’t gotten accepted into again, I think this is a great opportunity. This is a chance to run YOUR New York City Marathon this year!

PowerBar believes everyone deserves a Clean Start, so to help launch the Clean Whey product line they’re offering 17 deserving athletes the chance to approach the starting line at the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon!

From now through April 12, 2017, you should visit and share why you deserve a Clean Start at the 2017 NYC Marathon! Please stop by to share your story and get a chance to run in the 2017 NYC Marathon!


Why I Love Running and Triathlon

1. That feeling of flow that you get when you’re in the groove.

2. The sense of accomplishment that you feel when you complete a major goal.

Ironman Wisconsin Finish

3. How it helps me to be a healthier person. I’m definitely getting my steps in while training & racing!

4. The cute clothes… love that Oiselle & Coeur!

FTP Testing Tips -

5. The lessons that it teaches me. To persevere, to do something when you’re not motivated to, to listen to your body.


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QOTD:  What do you love about triathlon or running? 

Hello March!

Hi there! So much for  my commitment to consistency in posting! February was a busy month, and unfortunately the blog sometimes fell to the wayside. I’m taking a moment to have a cup of tea with you, (coffee if you’d like!) and catch you up on things!  Join in on the fun by linking up with the monthly Coffee Date, hosted by Coco and Deborah!


If we were having tea, I’d share with you that I attended a few fun blog events this month! At the beginning of February I met up with the Windy City Bloggers at Native Foods Cafe on Milwaukee Avenue to sample their new menu.  I recapped the meal here on my blog.

The second blogger event was actually just last night, at an opening party for a new workout facility called Fit36.  Fit36’s concept is that you can get a full workout in just 36 minutes! Right now they are offering free classes to the public until their membership system officially launches later in March.  I’m excited because I also won a free month membership so I am kind of set until late April.

JuiceRx also sponsored the event and kept us well-hydrated and fed after our workout!

If we were having tea, I’d also tell you that I escaped the one cold weekend last month to visit family in Florida! It was a great trip, and I’m so glad I got to visit with my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins!

If we were having tea, I’d also tell you about how my endeavors in triathlon coaching are getting busy!  I’m coaching at Wellfit and have been leading a Monday evening computrainer class. I’ll be helping to coach the Chicago Triathlon training program come April, and have also taken on to coach the Chicago Triathlon Club‘s Newbie Program.

We did coach headshots at Wellfit a few weeks ago!

If we were having tea, I’d share with you that I’m doing a nutritional cleanse and LOVING it! I’ve had a ton more energy, and have been working on my weight loss goals too.  I love how this system is not too restrictive, so I’m able to weave in a cheat meal here and there without feeling like I’m derailing my efforts.

If we were having tea, I’d ask you about how your training and healthy living efforts are going.  I love hearing about what you’re training for, what questions or challenges you’re having, and seeing if we can brainstorm ways to help get you out of those.  I love also hearing and celebrating with you those big wins!  If you ask me about my training, I’d say it’s going decently.  I ran a lot in the beginning of the month, and completed an FTP cycling test and a run test this month as well. I improved in both tests, which is good, but have lost a little focus mentally on training.  I’m hoping to get that back soon!  Gotta reconnect with the reason why we do this!

Anyway, I hope you’re doing well!  What’s new with you?! 

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy V-Day!!

I want to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day! Things I’m loving:

1. Spending time with loved ones

I took advantage of my work flexibility to to spend the weekend with family in Dlorida this weekend! I loved the sun, palm trees and “vacation food” 

And of course, spending time with family! 

I’m back in Chicago now, and happy to be waking up next to this fabulous guy:

2. Loving these posts

Some of my favorite past posts for right now:

Pickup Lines for Runners

How to ❤️ Running

3. Loving these Things

Burts Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm

Essential Oils – I’ve loved playing with various scents and holistic uses. Do you use essential oils? How?

New Sports Bras – I just ordered fresh ones. Loving the Moving Comfort Rebound Racer these days. 

Happy V Day! What are you loving today?!

Five Ways to Get Your Long Run in on the Treadmill

Hey there! Sometimes here in Chicago it’s hard to do your long run outside, especially when the temps are in the single digits.  So today I want to share with you five ways to get your long run done on the treadmill! Many people call it the “dreadmill” but I find it helpful for tracking and learning to hold pace.

Break it up into 5 x 2 miles and do a few minutes of strength work in between each interval

I think this would be pretty fun to do. My friend Maggie swears by this for her treadmill runs.  I will probably try this on my next treadmill long run, since I’m trying to improve my strength work overall.

GO FOR IT! Look to get all 10 miles in at once

I tried this a few weeks ago and got so close! I was less than a mile off when the treadmill turned off because I hit 99:59 for the time.  #squadgoals to be able to complete it all in less than 99:59 next time!


Play with the speed – half a mile faster, half a mile slower

I always do this on my treadmill runs to make sure I’m not getting too much into a groove and potentially getting an overuse injury due to always running at X mph.


Make sure you follow nutrition (& salt)

It’s generally warmer inside than out, so make sure you keep up on your planned long run nutrition, and you may consider adding in some salt if you’re sweating more indoors than out.

Plan Your Mental Focus

Depending on the length of the run, I may just listen to whatever is playing on the gym’s speakers, but sometimes you need to focus on something.  Lots of people listen to music, hwever I usually will pick a podcast or audiobook to listen to.  Some of my favorite podcasts are Balanced Bites, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and Freakonomics Radio.

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