WIAW: Eating Now that I don’t have an excuse to shovel my face

Well, maybe I do have an excuse… but that’s not for another year! Either way, since completing Ironman Louisville, I’ve drastically reduced the amount of time I spend working out.  And for now that’s nice.  I knew I had to start paying more attention to what I was eating so that I didn’t go from Iron-Fit to Iron-Fat too quickly.  After a few splurge meals, I’m now trying to get back into more moderate and healthy habits for eating.  Ideally I’d like to lose some weight before I hit the heavy Ironman training again as I know that carrying few pounds up and down the hills will help me to be faster overall.

Here are some of the things I’m doing on getting back on track with my eating:

1. Meal Planning.  I had really wanted to do this earlier on in IM training, but when things got busy, I was happy to eat whatever.  And the hubs does a great job of cooking and keeping me fed (thanks Mike!).  But post-Ironman I knew I wanted to focus on eating a healthier variety of foods, and cooking.  So I turned to meal planning.  I’m doing something similar to what Katie does on her weekly meal plans, but just keeping them in Evernote for now.  I haven’t been perfect in execution yet, but it’s a start. And I only plan the nights that Mike cooks, but not what he’s cooking.

2. Food Tracking. I haven’t been doing very well with this, but I have re-logged into MyFitness Pal and figured out how the new recipe thing works.  I had always found it hard to do cooking & figure out nutrition facts.  They have a new tool where you just copy the recipe ingredients in (or input a URL link to a recipe) and it will match the ingredients for you!  That’s great!  I just need to remember to log in daily & log my eats!

3. Recipe Browsing. Pinterest is my savior!  I’ve been finding recipes to try and keep things seasonal (these are some from last week – trying to get the best of summer!) and also looking to see how I can use some random stuff we’ve had in our kitchen.

Grilled Shrimp & Pineapple

BBQ Chicken

White Bean Cucumber Salad


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Ironman Louisville: Pre-Race

Thanks for being patient as I processed all of the events that occurred last weekend!  I’m finally ready to share!

Wednesday I left for Louisville!  Mike was out of town for work last week, so he was going to meet me directly in Louisville from his work trip.  I was splitting the drive between Wed & Thurs so as not to have a full 5 hours of driving all in a single day.

I am glad I stopped along the way to fill up on gas… I realized I’d left my driver’s license at home with my swim lap  pass (darn that Chicago Pools requiring photo ID!).  I ended up driving back home and out again… making my 3 hour drive for the day 5.  But no need to worry now about my ID.

Thursday morning I arrived in Louisville early, and checked in for Ironman!  My teammate, Katrina, was doing Louisville as well, so once she got in we headed out to drive the bike course.  I’d ridden back in July, so I knew pretty much what we were in for, but it was good to drive it again and refresh myself.  Once back, I also did a short bike ride to recall the road conditions and stretch out my legs.  I’m glad i did it outside as my last two rides had been indoors on the trainer.

IM Louisville backpack

Friday was the ultimate rest day.  Katrina and I went to brunch at Wild Eggs, and then separated for the day.  I napped (my favorite post-brunch activity) and then headed to a movie.  After that, I picked Mike up from the airport and headed back into town.  Lousivlle isn’t huge, but there was significant construction on the highway going on.  We then headed out to dinner with Katrina, her dad, Mike & I at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Early night again.IMG_3804

Saturday Mike headed out for a 5K race (in which he came in 2nd overall!) and I went to do a practice swim in the Ohio River.  Let’s just say we all came out with chocolate milk mustaches and it highlighted the opportunity for a lip wax… dirty river. I did a short run, and then cleaned up.  My dad arrived in town, and Mike got back from his race.  My dad and I went to the race expo (again) so I could return a shirt and also pick up a gift for someone.  We grabbed lunch at a favorite from our previous trip (Grumpy Troll Pub) and then headed back to prep the bike & transition bags and deliver them before the rain came.  That was good, because later that afternoon it rained like crazy!

Later that afternoon, we headed out to a gastropub to meet up with my fan club (aka family & friends who came down to cheer me on) and spend some time relaxing before the big day.  Since I knew that some would have to leave Louisville before I finished, I wanted to make sure we spent some time together on Saturday.  It was nice to see my Dad, Mike, Sandy & Dave, and Peter & Aaron all down there!

We finished dinner and got back to the hotel for me to be in bed by 9 PM!