Bathroom Goals – How to Make Them And Then Not Need Them

bathroom goals

A while back I commented on this blog post from Tricia, and it made me think further about goal-setting. I am definitely no stranger to bathroom goals.  I’ve had this history of GI issues when running, which have led me to consult with D.O.s, nutritionists, gastroenterologists, and more.  I know I’m not diagnosed with anything clinical, just […]

Fifty Women to Kona

chrissy wellington

I know not everyone who reads my blog follows triathlon, however I wanted to share a discourse that is occurring within the triathlon community right now. At the Kona Ironman World Championships (essentially the Boston Marathon of tri’s), there are professionals & age-groupers, same as in running. At Kona, 50 professional men compete, and 35 women. […]

Five Things I was doing Ten Years Ago

georgetown graduation

Linking up with the Friday Five Ladies for a blast from the past!!  What were YOU doing ten years ago? 1. Travelling Southeast Asia after I graduated.  I spent 6 weeks travelling around solo in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, and had a blast!  I didn’t have a digital camera at the time, so I don’t […]

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

journal menu winner

Linking up with Amanda for Thinking out Loud Thursday!   1. The winner of the Journal Menu giveaway is Denise!  – please email me at laurenrunschicago-at-gmail-dot-com so we can get you your custom training journal! 2. I went to a Sports Psychology seminar at FFC on Monday night and have been thinking a lot about what […]

My Summer Bucket List

Katie & Cocktails

Happy first fully day of summer!!  It definitely came out yesterday… and looks like it may be here to stay for the Midwest.  My summer is already busy with Ironman training… (enter my giveaway for a training journal!)  but here are some things I’m hoping to do while training this summer. We’ll call this my […]

Life Lately

90 Days to Ironman Wisconsin

Life is flying by! We have 90 DAYS LEFT until Ironman Wisconsin… that’s 3 months! Last week I struggled with energy for my training. I napped every chance I got. Including pulling off into a parking lot on my way home one night because I NEEDED to nap right then and there. Not 30 minutes […]

Friday Five

biking at the lion on the madison loop

I thought life was settling down, but it didn’t really!  Somehow I hadn’t realized, but I took 3 trips in 2 weeks.  And I’m not a consultant anymore!  I don’t have more work trips planned currently, so hopefully June settles down. I’m doing the Leon’s triathlon this weekend!  I haven’t done an Olympic distance triathlon in […]

Getting back on the wagon

Magic Coeur hat makes runs better

Sometimes you fall off, but you then have to get back on. Uhh, this is true for me in a number of ways recently! Obviously, blogging… it’s been almost two weeks! But that same time has been a period where I peaked with my ironman training (to this point) and also nutrition (I’m working on […]

The Weekly Pulse

wine for stress relief someecard

How was everyone’s weekend?! Mine was pretty good, although I left the weekend with a bit of a cold. Or maybe it’s the training?  Hopefully there’s a quick fix – like eat more! I’m linking up with Tara for the Weekend Update, Katie for Marvelous in my Mondays, and Erin for Weekend Snapshots. First off – […]

How to Love Running

Lauren & Lilian at Schaumburg Turkey Trot

How do you get to love running? 1. Accept that all relationships ebb & flow. Sometimes you will love running, sometimes you may not. But you should give it some attention every day (or week). Just like how you kiss your husband or child daily, even though you may not “love love” them at that […]