Friday Favorites

Jewelry Selfie Collage

Happy Friday!  This is moving weekend, so my spare time this week has been consumed with packing, packing packing!  Despite that, I wanted to drop in to say hello and share a few things that I’ve been liking this week! Favorite dress-up:  I got this necklace and earring combo from my sister-in-law for Christmas.  I’m not […]

5 Things I like about San Francisco

Today I’m linking up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar of the DC Trifecta for a Friday Five on our favorite cities! I love San Francisco. I know I could probably never afford to live there, but I love visiting and have been fortunate to be able to travel there for work several times plus my own visits for […]

Three Things Thursday: Chiberia Edition

Kitchen Remodel

I hope everyone is staying warm there – I know the world is getting colder this week… I was elated to see a “5” on the car thermometer this morning. Pretty much our high yesterday was 2 degrees. I know it’s cold in other parts of the country (and especially if you’re my little sister […]

36 Weeks to IMWI


New Year, new week! While I love the holidays, I find that getting out of my routines is hard on my workouts.  Christmas I was out of town, and while this was a work week, there was a big party night & day off in between.  I’m looking forward to getting back to a new […]

2014 Superlatives

Everyone’s doing it, so I thought I would too!  Short and sweet because up until now, I haven’t put too much thought into how I manage the bloggy-blog. However it is one of my goals for the next year! My top posts outside of the main pages: Pickup Lines for Runners Ragnar Packing List & […]

The Best of 2014

It’s that time of year to reflect on our experiences from the past year.  I’m linking up with Miss Zippy but taking this on a triathlon bit of a twist! Best race experience? It’s hard to name anything other than my Big Kahuna race of the year, Ironman Louisville.  Even though it was tougher than I […]

Friday Five: Moments from a Holiday Week

family xmas photo

Well, it’s a day late, but here are my highlights from this week! 1. Hill Workouts! Where my family lives is pretty hilly, so my 1.25 mile loop is about half hills. I like that I’ve been getting some special butt work in! 2. Holiday foods! I love some of the good traditions (roast beef), […]

That Moment of Joy

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I had a moment today on my run. One of those moments where you know you’re flying. The push-off of my foot off the pavement was powerful, not a careless lift and move. I didn’t need my fancy watch to know I was moving quickly, and I didn’t dare distract myself b something as vain […]

How to Make the Holidays Work for You


I don’t love winter time, but I am enjoying the holidays this year!  Here are a few things I’m doing that I’m enjoying: 1-Deciding I don’t have to eat all the treats.  This year, I’m giving myself permission to only have holiday treats I want, and not things just because someone else is offering them.  So I […]

Thankful Things Thursday!


Well, December is flying by!  It’s been a little while since I posted, so here’s what am thankful for that’s been going on in my life: Some holiday parties – mostly triathlon-themed ones  At one we had a triathlon-themed dessert-off.  I tried but my icing-painting skills are not up to par with others! And at others […]