Advice for the Earlier Running Self

Advice to my earlier running self

I love this writing prompt from the lovely ladies who host Tuesdays on the Run: “If I only knew then…. What advice would you give your new runner self?”  I got into running when I was in college, initially for just keeping fit. I did my first 5K in 2004 (senior year of college), and then […]

The Best Thing About Running

Best Thing about Running

Usually if I’m not on top of things on Monday night or Tuesdays, I am not able to get a “Tuesdays on the Run” post out on whatever the prompt is for this week. However when I saw today’s prompt – What’s the best thing about running – the words flowed freely for me. So […]


everything you want is on the other side of fear

I attempted an FTP test this evening.  It didn’t go so great.  I pushed, and I gave up after 17 minutes.  I went into the test ready, ready to surge, to grow my watts, to show I’m improving.  But I didn’t make it.  There are excuses I could make: coach told me I shouldn’t do it […]

What Running Means to Me

ironman inspiration motivation

This was posted previously on the “Run for Boston” site that my friends Katie & Kelly put up.  I’m sharing for Tuesdays on the Run! Thanks to Erika, Patty and April and others for hosting! I run because: it’s an outlet to catch up with and meet friends to use up energy to get great […]

Guest Post: Why I’m Running the Chicago Marathon for PAWS Chicago!

Today I’m doing a blog swap with Kristina from Blog About Running! I’m excited to have her share her goals and reasons for doing the Chicago Marathon this coming fall.  This will be marathon #2 for her and she’s raising money for an awesome charity!  You can read my post about why I adopted my cat […]