Five TedX Talks to Boost your Motivation

Sometimes we all need some external motivation to help keep us on track with our training, to help get us on the bike or out the door.  For me, one of the things I’ll turn to occasionally to help with those situations is to find inspirational YouTube videos. Today I’m going to share with you TedX Talks […]

Bucket List Races

Everyone’s got a bit of a bucket list regarding races, in my opinion. Maybe it’s that you’d like to run a half marathon eventually, or you may have specific races on your bucket list. I’m pretty stoked to be getting ready to toe the line at one of my key bucket list races later this […]

Advice for the Earlier Running Self

I love this writing prompt from the lovely ladies who host Tuesdays on the Run: “If I only knew then…. What advice would you give your new runner self?”  I got into running when I was in college, initially for just keeping fit. I did my first 5K in 2004 (senior year of college), and then […]

The Best Thing About Running

Usually if I’m not on top of things on Monday night or Tuesdays, I am not able to get a “Tuesdays on the Run” post out on whatever the prompt is for this week. However when I saw today’s prompt – What’s the best thing about running – the words flowed freely for me. So […]


I attempted an FTP test this evening.  It didn’t go so great.  I pushed, and I gave up after 17 minutes.  I went into the test ready, ready to surge, to grow my watts, to show I’m improving.  But I didn’t make it.  There are excuses I could make: coach told me I shouldn’t do it […]