New Year’s Day 5K [2016 Edition]

New Years 5K

Happy 2016!  Are you in a holiday hangover?  I kind of feel like that, and I’m nervous for my first day on the new job!  Anyway, wanted to share about my 5K on Friday for New Year’s.  This is the 4th time that I’ve celebrated the new year with a 5K run.  Read my recaps from 2015, 2014, […]

A Lookback on Race Medals from 2015

Race Medals from 2015

First off, just wanted to share that I just got back from trying out Orange Theory Fitness this afternoon… anyone else try it?  It’s a combination of running and functional strength moves, with sprints & intervals combined. A lot of fun! I guess that’s what they call High Intensity Interval Training?! Today I wanted to […]

Suntree Turkey Trot 5K Race Recap


Hello from the underworld! Life has been crazy recently and I’ve needed to not have blogging be an additional stress, so I haven’t posted as much (obviously). Since Ironman Wisconsin I’ve struggled a little with finding a routine and a happiness/purpose in my daily life. I’m working on getting that back in order, hopefully very […]

Ironman Wisconsin: Run Report


In case you missed it: Ironman Wisconsin Swim & Bike Report So we left off with me completing the bike! I headed out on the run, knowing that my big goal for this race was to run strong.  I’d tried to make all the right decisions on the swim & the bike to set me […]

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Swim & Bike


Hopefully I can get this to you finished in record time compared to last year’s Ironman! (It took me a month to get the guts to write the Ironman Louisville Run Report!) Pre-Race I remember thinking that this race seemed “busier” than IMLOU.  I think it’s that I had more family coming to visit, and that almost […]