21 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin!

Barrington Ride with Lauren Runs

Who else had fun watching the Boston Marathon online today?  I had a lot of fun… usually I forget it’s going on or have a crazy work day planned, but today was nice and chill – no meetings at all! I had the most glorious ride outside on Saturday. It was pretty much perfect (apart […]

Metabolic Efficiency Training


One philosophy on nutrition and weight management that I’ve been exploring recently is Metabolic Efficiency. What is it? The idea in a very catchy way is to train your body to be as metabolically efficient as possible. That means that you are burning mostly fat, and that you can do a lot of your athletic […]

How to Pick a Training Program that Works for You

Training Peaks

Its springtime, and that means many of us runners are off working toward our big running goals of the year!  My big run goal is to actually RUN my marathon during Ironman Wisconsin, not just walk most of it! Thanks to Erika, Patty and April and others for hosting Tuesdays on the Run! One thing that’s evolved for me as […]

22 Weeks to IMWI… aka the week that I almost did all the workouts

lazy sundays

Well, this week I was on track to do ALLTHEWORKOUTS! But alas, the world did not have that in store for me.  You see, when you’ve got 10+ hours of training on the books each week, it’s not uncommon that something may need to give. Whether that’s for sleep, for life (you know, there are […]

23 Weeks Left Until IMOO2015

IMOO 2015 Training Updates

Happy Monday!   I announced (quietly) that I started a new job last week, and I was a little worried on how my new routine would go for my Ironman training.  I was a bit stressed last week, which didn’t go so well for my testing, but I do think that I’m settling pretty well […]

24 Weeks Left Until IMWI!!! (and the week I learned a lot about habits)


Well, this week I learned a few things about myself. I had another week off from working in a staycation mode. I thought I’d be all about catching up on workouts and getting things done. The week did not go quite as planned. It was a step-back week training-wise, but I stepped back a bit much. […]

25 Weeks Left Until Ironman Wisconsin!

PAWS Virtual 5K garmin time

The name of the game this week was Puerto Rico!  I’ll be sharing more about the trip and a more formal race report soon.  Since I’d raced, and since I was out of my normal elements, this week took a bit of a different look at training! And onto last week’s workouts: Monday: 15 minute […]

Run Training: Three Tips for Going from Zero to Hero

what i feel like when i run

(aka Run Your First 5K) I love spring and the start of the Newbie triathlon season.  I love helping people start out from “I’m not sure how to swim” or “I don’t have a bike” and helping cheer and support them through to their first triathlon.  If you want some help, let me know! At […]

Puerto Rico 70.3 Race Recap VLog & Ironman Training Update!

Puerto Rico 70.3 Selfie @ Lauren Runs

Well Puerto Rico is done and done! I did a blog race recap since I’m traveling light this week… I hope you enjoy it!!! Here were the workouts from last week: Monday: Easy Run – 45 minutes- in shorts outside! Tuesday: Swim in AM, Computrainer + transition run in PM Wednesday: Easy Run Thursday:  Swimming Friday: Travel . Rest Day.  […]

27 Weeks to go to Ironman Wisconsin!

Sauna Selfie

  Whoops – no posts since last week!  I’ve been busy with some life changes (no, not pregnant) that I’ll share soon.  But it’s been a busy week let’s just say, including getting workouts in, sauna time in, and getting ready for Puerto Rico! Here were the workouts from last week: Monday: Run Test + […]