28 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin!

IMOO 2015 Training Updates

  Well, another week down, and onto a new week!  I completed week 29 last week, and other than being sick of the coldest Chicago February on record, I’m now looking toward Puerto Rico in two weeks!  Here’s how last week’s workouts went: Here were the workouts from last week: Monday: Rest Tuesday: FTP Test + short […]

29 Weeks to Go- IMOO Training Update and Links of the week


Life is getting biz-yay!  The Chicago Tri Club‘s Newbie program started up this past week, so we are getting busy!  We host clinics for new triathletes probably about once or twice a week from now until June, when the noobs toe the starting line of their first triathlon!  If you’re interested in the Chicago Tri Club, […]

30 Weeks to IMOO 2015 & Link Love

IMOO 2015 Training Updates

Well this past week was a doozy.  Let’s say that things can only go up from here?  I was sick for much of the week, and just trying to get through the week work-wise & getting read for Valentine’s Day! Here were the workouts from last week: Monday: Full Rest Day & Sick Day from […]

Should you train when you’re sick?


So I’ve been getting over this cold this week, but I’ve also been committed to being more of a monster at my training for Ironman this year. Sunday night – cold starts to set in.  I haven’t yet identified it, or I’m in denial. Monday – I can’t function. Call in sick.  Thank goodness it’s […]

31 Weeks to IMOO 2015 & Weekend Link Love

Training Updates: 31 Weeks to IMWI

Wahoo! Another week done! I got a little side-railed by the end of the weekend due to a monster cold that came upon me.  I went to yoga class, and was fine there, but once I got home I started falling into the “cold fog”. I’m finally coming up for air, about 48 hours later. […]

32 Weeks to IMWI & Weekend Links

Chicago Blizzard Run

I hope you’re staying warm if you’re out in the midwest blizzard! I’m doing a decent job of getting back into my routine…which is a good thing since my training for Ironman Wisconsin officially starts next week!  I need to get my swims back going again. Here was this week’s workouts: Monday: Yoga (again!) + 1 mile […]

33 Weeks to IMWI and Monday Desk Reads

F3 Frozen Lake Half Marathon Post Race photo

Well! We skipped week 34’s update!   A day (or a week) late, and thankfully this posting is for me, so I’m not a dollar short.  But I kind of am, as my investments in my training this past week were not up to where I would have liked them to be.  We moved this past […]

35 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin

Computrainer Selfie

Well another week done and a week of Chiberia survived.  We saw our coldest weather of the season here in Chicago, and while it made things a bit hard workout and travel wise, I was lucky to stay warm, not have any burst pipes, and to have access to my car the entire time (to […]

36 Weeks to IMWI


New Year, new week! While I love the holidays, I find that getting out of my routines is hard on my workouts.  Christmas I was out of town, and while this was a work week, there was a big party night & day off in between.  I’m looking forward to getting back to a new […]

37 Weeks to IM Wisconsin

So official first week workout review!  Not a common week, as I was visiting my parents for the week in Maryland.  But here goes! I caught up on rest, family and friends time, and reading.  One thing I read was a new-to-me blogger and  fellow Coeur Ambassador Kecia, who blogs at Push My Limits. I love […]