5 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin… Building Confidence

120 mile ride, 95 miles in

Well, for all of my stress from previous weeks, I had basically a perfect training weekend.  The week didn’t necessarily go as planned, but made up for itself come Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Let me tell you about it as I link up with  Tara for the Weekend Update and Erin for Weekend Snapshots! Here were the […]

10 Weeks to Go! Ironman Wisconsin Training Updates

will it be easy-nope

I’m a bad blogger, and this long weekend of training has NO photographic evidence. Last week’s training was the longest week so far.  I was supposed to get 17.5 hours of training in.  I think I got 16? I stopped trying to upload my Garmin data after Friday, so I’m just guessing.  Highlights from the week: I […]

Ironman Wisconsin Training & Weekend Updates

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First off – the business.  Training update for Ironman Wisconsin.  Training went VERY well for Ironman Wisconsin last week.  I did not get all perfects in terms of fitting in all the workouts, but I did get everything except one swim in.  More importantly, most of the workouts felt GOOD! Sure, Monday I rested and […]

Ironman: How Slow Can You Go?

One of my biggest fears when I was training for my first Ironman triathlon last year was that I might not finish.  Initially that I wouldn’t make the bike cutoff, but then potentially with teh run depending on how things had gone thus far. So I actually mapped it out, and I want to share the […]

IMOO Training Update: 13 weeks to go! *Giveaway*

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As I shared yesterday, life has gotten CRAZY and I’m doing everything I can to stay organized and on top of my training and the oh-so-necessary recovery.  To give you an idea of how things have been going, here’s the last two weeks of training!  I’m also linking up with some awesome bloggers for Tri Talk […]

Three Tips to Improve Your Running

PR70.3 Finish

The weather is finally warming up and it’s that time that my legs are starting to itch to do a fast race!  (I’d hoped I’d get that out of my system last weekend, but no dice.  I may be looking for a new 5K to do next rest weekend).  The Ironman training I’m doing is […]

Ironman Wisconsin Training Update – 19 Weeks to Go!

Mike & Emma at Window

Wow… where does time fly?! I feel like just yesterday I was starting my IMOO training with a new group of people. But in reality that was 3 months, one vacation and one job ago!  Here’s what I’ve been up to the past two weeks: Week 21 (4/20-26) – Step Back Week: Monday: 30 minute swim […]

21 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin!

Barrington Ride with Lauren Runs

Who else had fun watching the Boston Marathon online today?  I had a lot of fun… usually I forget it’s going on or have a crazy work day planned, but today was nice and chill – no meetings at all! I had the most glorious ride outside on Saturday. It was pretty much perfect (apart […]

Metabolic Efficiency Training


One philosophy on nutrition and weight management that I’ve been exploring recently is Metabolic Efficiency. What is it? The idea in a very catchy way is to train your body to be as metabolically efficient as possible. That means that you are burning mostly fat, and that you can do a lot of your athletic […]

How to Pick a Training Program that Works for You

Training Peaks

Its springtime, and that means many of us runners are off working toward our big running goals of the year!  My big run goal is to actually RUN my marathon during Ironman Wisconsin, not just walk most of it! Thanks to Erika, Patty and April and others for hosting Tuesdays on the Run! One thing that’s evolved for me as […]