35 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin

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Well another week done and a week of Chiberia survived.  We saw our coldest weather of the season here in Chicago, and while it made things a bit hard workout and travel wise, I was lucky to stay warm, not have any burst pipes, and to have access to my car the entire time (to […]

36 Weeks to IMWI


New Year, new week! While I love the holidays, I find that getting out of my routines is hard on my workouts.  Christmas I was out of town, and while this was a work week, there was a big party night & day off in between.  I’m looking forward to getting back to a new […]

37 Weeks to IM Wisconsin

So official first week workout review!  Not a common week, as I was visiting my parents for the week in Maryland.  But here goes! I caught up on rest, family and friends time, and reading.  One thing I read was a new-to-me blogger and  fellow Coeur Ambassador Kecia, who blogs at Push My Limits. I love […]

Weekly Workout Roundup


I want to set up processes to hold myself accountable for my goals, and especially in winter it’s hard to keep those healthy habits going.  So I’m going to start a weekly workout review to share with all of you my workouts for the week and thoughts as my training progresses. I kind of broke one of […]

Training Tuesday: Winter training plans


I’m pretty much back in the game now from my post-Ironman recovery.  I have to say, recovering from Ironman isn’t just a physcial thing, it’s a lot mental as well.  What to do with my time?  Thinking in certain ways.  I tried to do some grad school coursework and found it very challenging to put […]

How to Beat Your Legs Up & Put Them Back together in 72 hours

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This weekend was my Epic Weekend for Ironman Louisville triathlon training!  I was up in Wisconsin, putting more stress on my legs.  I pretty much was gone and working out from 6 AM to 7 PM on Saturday (and pooped thereafter!).  I got the opportunity to spend more time with my favorite training buddies from […]

VQ Madison Ride #3: Duck Farts & Intensity Factors


I did some heavy training this weekend, riding hills on the Madison course & catching up with tri-friends outside of my Wellfit training group. Duck Farts: Sound-only farts, apparently not uncommon in IM triathlons. I experienced this on my long run on Sunday, where I was needing to fart every few minutes. I ended up […]

Newbie’s Guide to Group Rides & Gearing Up for Venus De Miles


I’ve been spending tons more time this summer cycling as I train for my big triathlon.  One of the best ways to prepare for a triathlon bike is to ride with other people… you are not doing the race by yourself!  Thinking back to when I first started cycling. And for anyone preparing for Venus […]

Louisville Training Weekend

IMLOU Bike Course

Last weekend we spent the fourth of July down in Louisville to scope out the Ironman course.  I’m glad Mike came down with me as we got a chance to explore the eats of the town together!  Here’s what I learned: Louisville has some good, under-the-radar places to eat.  We ate at an underground bar […]

Friday Realities, and a Giveaway! #ZoomaRun


I’m in the thick of training for Ironman Louisville, and life has been getting busy. It’s been all I can do to keep up with work, training, my marriage, and sometimes seeing friends. I felt a bit bad that it took me over a week to see one of my best friend’s new baby, but […]