What’s in My Gym Bag: Swim Edition

What's in my Gym Bag: Swim Edition

I get questions from other athletes getting into swimming, biking or triathlon about my gear choices, so I decided to start a brief series, “What’s in my Gym Bag” where I go through the random gear that I use for my various workouts.  Today we kick it off with swimming! (Need tips on getting going with swimming? […]

How often should you race?

How Often do You Race? by Lauren Runs

I got a question from a potential coaching client asking what my perspectives on racing are.  He was wondering, what if I want to race often? Well… I’ve gone back and forth on this.  I think for me, the perfect racing frequency is about once a month.  Here’s why: Balance between racing and training and life […]

Final Training Push for the Marine Corps Marathon


Happy Ironman Louisville & Chicago Marathon day!  Congrats if you competed at Kona yesterday, or otherwise raced this weekend! I enjoy taking some time to reflect upon my week and link up with  Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap! You should join in on the fun!  I enjoy looking back on my training from prior […]

Monthly Wrap – 9.19.2016


Weekly Wrap, errr… Monthly Wrap?   Sorry to have been radio silent… I’ve had a few things going on that have prevented me from blogging, and then there’s has been a bunch of stuff going on that has prevented me from resolving said issues.  Not excuses, but I want to share why things have been not […]

Weekly Wrap 8.14.2016

Steelhead Cheering 2016

You know how sometimes with blogging you have to balance writing and keeping up with your social media presence versus living your IRL life?  I have been really struggling with this.  Thankfully I think things are calming down a bit (or I’m feeling calmer, to say the least) so want to say hello! I was […]