Weekly Wrap 8.14.2016

Steelhead Cheering 2016

You know how sometimes with blogging you have to balance writing and keeping up with your social media presence versus living your IRL life?  I have been really struggling with this.  Thankfully I think things are calming down a bit (or I’m feeling calmer, to say the least) so want to say hello! I was […]

Weekly Wrap 08.01.2016


Hey y’all!  Checking in here and getting going with my week here on the blog!  Thank you everyone who encouraged me to keep going with these weekly workout recaps!  I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap. Here are my workouts from 7.25-7.31!   Monday:  Yoga.  Love it. It was hot & […]

Triathlete’s Guide to Ohio Street Beach

OSB water quality

So are you a triathlete (or triathlete-in-training) living or working in Chicago?  Chances are you may be needing to get in your open water swimming.  One of the (if not THE) most popular spot in Chicago to do open water swims is Ohio Street Beach. Welcome to the Triathlete’s Guide to Ohio Street Beach!   […]

Weekly Wrap – July 4th Edition!


Happy almost 4th of July!  I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap.   Monday:  I had just finished up the Pleasant Prairie Duathlon, and was feeling pretty great! I went to yoga in the evening, which felt great except that I haven’t been in a few weeks!  Gotta keep that up! […]

Weekly Wrap 06.20.2016

Riding in Plainfield

Getting back into the blogging thing can be hard… but I find that some of the routine really helps. So thank you to Holly and Tricia for hosting the Weekly Wrap! The name of the game this week was figuring out how to put on my new long-sleeve wetsuit properly so I can swim well, […]