The Ugly Side of Long Course Racing


There’s a few things I could write about with this: *athletes who sabotage/ act unsafely for the general good. (Uh, person not looking ahead when they hit my bike… I’m looking to you!) *Ironman corporation’s refusal to allow equal racing opportunities for women as men But today I’m going to focus on the more personal […]

Tri Talk Tuesday: Hot Weather Training

chicago july weather

It’s Tri-Talk Tuesday and today’s topic is apropos for the weather we’re having:   I’ve done two “heat preparation” phases now for my triathlon racing this year, and wanted to share both of them. These are training phases where one of my big objectives was to prepare for a race that was hotter than what […]

How Personal Hygiene Helps You Go Aero

Jesse Thomas Shaving His Legs

It’s a little late, but I’m participating in Tri Talk Tuesday to help share the love on getting aero on your bike.  I’m here to talk to you about the hygiene-related ways you can get more aero in triathlon cycling.  Here are the biggest areas: 1. Shaving Your Legs – Girls, this is likely a […]

Muncie 70.3 Spectating

Mike & Jean

Hello!  Sorry for not posting recently.  We had a busy weekend, starting with Mike’s big 70.3 triathlon this weekend, in Muncie Indiana. Here are some fun photos from the race day! Linking up with Weekend Update, Weekend Snapshot, and Tuesdays on the Run (I did do a 50 minute run during the Muncie 70.3!  From […]

How to Pick a Training Program that Works for You

Training Peaks

Its springtime, and that means many of us runners are off working toward our big running goals of the year!  My big run goal is to actually RUN my marathon during Ironman Wisconsin, not just walk most of it! Thanks to Erika, Patty and April and others for hosting Tuesdays on the Run! One thing that’s evolved for me as […]

Tri Talk Tuesday: How to Get Started Bike Riding


Well, it’s a Tuesday, so it’s time to talk about Triathlon!  I’m trying to post my most informational posts on triathlon training on Tuesdays.  Today I’m linking up with Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?!, Courtney at The TriGirl Chronicles, and Phaedra at Blisters and Black Toenails, who host Tri-Talk Tuesday! First off, I’m guest posting today over at […]

Packing for a Triathlon Vacation

Transition Bag

I’m headed out to Puerto Rico for the Ironman 70.3 San Juan this weekend… and am excited!  I hope I didn’t forget anything.  I haven’t been on my bike & outside since September, so I’m a little nervous that I may have forgotten a little something. I’ve done run-cations before, and travelling for Mike’s triathlons, […]

Are you a Fish? 5 Tips to Get Started Swimming

Five Tips to Swim Like a Fish

The first sport in triathlon is swimming.  They say that you can’t win a race on the swim, but you could lose it.  I’m grateful that I grew up swimming, so I’ve always been pretty comfortable on being in the water and that I’m somewhat efficient in getting from point A to point B.  However […]

Book Review: Triathlon for Every Woman

Last night I went to yoga (I’ve been twice now in a week! same amount as the last six months!) and the intention for the practice was a quote: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu It’s serendipitous because I had just started finished reading this book and was thinking […]

Ironman DONE!

Lauren Finish

I am proud to call myself an Ironman / Ironwoman!  And I am so pooped after this!  I finished in 16:22.  More later.  Over & Out.   Related posts: Ironman Louisville: Run Report Ironman Louisville Race Report: Swim Types of Ironman Athletes Ironman Louisville: Bike Report