Louisville Training Weekend

Last weekend we spent the fourth of July down in Louisville to scope out the Ironman course.  I’m glad Mike came down with me as we got a chance to explore the eats of the town together!  Here’s what I learned:

The Belle of Louisville (both the boat & the girl!)

The Belle of Louisville (both the boat & the girl!)

  • Louisville has some good, under-the-radar places to eat.  We ate at an underground bar for lunch, a brewery for dinner, and travelled across the river into Indiana for some awesome brewpub food again!  You won’t go hungry in Louisville.
  • The bike sharing program in Louisville (equivalent of Divvy in Chicago) is for Humana employees only.  Odd.  What’s everyone else supposed to do?
  • There is a single triathlon/multisport store in Louisville.  V02 Multisport.  Per Mike, they have a lot of stuff, including the gels that I forgot for my run.
  • The race starts at a waterfront park, and the swim start is about a mile away from transition, near a waterfront restaurant called Tumbleweeds.  You jump off a pier, swim upstream for about .8 miles, then get carried by the current downstream to the transition.  Overall, you spend half your time swimming upstream, and can get the 1.6 miles done more quickly once you turn around!
  • The bike course is 112 miles long (you probably already knew that).  And I rode every single mile of it!
  • Gas Station foods are better than expected!  I loved my Cheetos, extra water & gatorade, and even sampled a 5 Hour Energy!
  • There are a few spots that you should be prepared for:
    • Rt 1694 – has some steep descents, coupled with sudden and long ascents. I think there were two.
    • Good spectator spots on the bike course are at Oldham High School, and in LaGrange.
    • 393 has some steep uphills
    • Ballard Springs Road is a spot to be in your small chain ring.  The hills are small, but they can be steep!
    • River Road (the road in & out of Louisville for the course) is much rougher on the way back into town than on the way out.
  • Don’t eat your post-ride burger too quickly.  Your stomach may take a little while to get back to normal, even if you think you should EAT ALL THE FOODZ.


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Friday Five

1. My Half Ironman is tomorrow!!! It’s been a bit crazy this week, but I’m tapered, and my legs are itching to go.  I put a race plan together, complete with what to do today, tomorrow morning and during the race.  My main goal is to execute my race plan, and to ride steady in order to improve my cycling performance.

2. I’m excited for a Zooma “Flash Sale” occurring this weekend in celebration of the Friday the 13th!  If you’ve been thinking about signing up, now is the time!  This was an awesome, women’s focused race and had tons of swag and an awesome after party! My favorite after parties are at 10 AM in the morning, you know ;)

LAUREN10K for $20 off the 10K 6/13-6/16
LAURENHALF for $30 off the half 6/13-6/16
ZoomaMML-CHI-logo ZOOMA Blogger Meet-Up

3. I listened to an interview with Russel Simmons on a new book he wrote on meditation.  Apparently he also “started hip hop” too.  I am thinking I’d like to try out meditation to help manage my crazy life. Trying to decide on whether I should read his book, or something else.  Anyone else who has tried to start a meditation habit? Any tips for a complete noob?

4. We’re getting our apartment painted (bathrooms & hallway) and I’m kind of relegated to sitting in my bedroom to write this blog post.  Everything is crammed into the office space that is normally in our spacious hallway (i.e. in-unit storage), or on our living room space.  I’m leaving for Wisconsin for the race early because there’s no place else for me to be!

5.  Freebie!  Enjoy your Friday!

Random Things Thursday

Welcome back to Random Things Thursday!

1.  Life is still busy busy busy!  I am googling and trying to manage life, training and work all in one day.  I try to stay motivated by watching/reading about triathlon even when I can’t do the workouts (work has been busier, and sadly I can’t run/bike/swim when working).  Here’s a video of IMWI from last year:


2. I read this recently in my bloglovin‘ reader and thought it was hilarious!  I think you’ll love this regardless of if you’re a triathlete, loving a triathlete, or just think we’re a crazy bunch. 37-Telltale-Signs-You-Are-Married-to-a-Triathlete1-730x1024

My favorite is getting my husband to go to spin class (I just did that recently when we were in Brooklyn!) and comparing resting heart rate #s as part of our pillow talk :)  You Know You’re a Sherpa Wife When… – Family Sport Life.

3.  Are people’s weekends getting busier?  I had a busy weekend last weekend (and needed a break after the weekend!) and I’m thinking about whether I need to start cutting back on the weekends from activities to focus on training, rest & relationships.  It’s hard when that’s when birthday parties & other get togethers are planned for.  I am looking forward to setting some specific goals on my training ride this weekend (4 hours, omg):

  • Fuel while riding
  • Hit my power goals for the ride (65%-75% of my FTP max; for reference, last weekend I rode nervous & at 55%) and hopefully with a lower heart rate. (Note to self:  check with coach on which one I should follow more; I think it’s power).
  • Have fun!

4. I’m super excited to announce that I was picked to be a Venus de Miles ambassador again! I had an awesome time at this event last year and in 2012.  It’s an amazing long ride that is women-focused and benefits the Greenhouse Scholars, a great charity that supports and mentors underprivileged youth from high school through to college and beyond.

Chicago Running Bloggers

Chicago Running Bloggers @ Venus de Miles 2013