Book Review: Triathlon for Every Woman

Last night I went to yoga (I’ve been twice now in a week! same amount as the last six months!) and the intention for the practice was a quote: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu It’s serendipitous because I had just started finished reading this book and was thinking […]

Ironman DONE!

Lauren Finish

I am proud to call myself an Ironman / Ironwoman!  And I am so pooped after this!  I finished in 16:22.  More later.  Over & Out.  

Ready or Not…


… we’ve got 5 days to go!  This shit is real, and I’m finally feeling ready. I’ve done my longest workouts EVER. Including a 12 hour long training day consisting of swim, bike, run (& eat).  I may have just done my longest Open Water Swim this past weekend, probably not a taper “do,” but it […]

Types of Ironman Athletes


Pretty much everything I’m searching in my free time is related to Ironman.  I’m looking at things on Recovery from Ironman, how to decide if you want to do another one, how much practice in your speedsuit you need (it’s still 60’s in Lake Michigan), and I found this posting I thought I’d share on […]

Louisville Training Weekend

IMLOU Bike Course

Last weekend we spent the fourth of July down in Louisville to scope out the Ironman course.  I’m glad Mike came down with me as we got a chance to explore the eats of the town together!  Here’s what I learned: Louisville has some good, under-the-radar places to eat.  We ate at an underground bar […]

Friday Five

1. My Half Ironman is tomorrow!!! It’s been a bit crazy this week, but I’m tapered, and my legs are itching to go.  I put a race plan together, complete with what to do today, tomorrow morning and during the race.  My main goal is to execute my race plan, and to ride steady in order […]

Random Things Thursday


Welcome back to Random Things Thursday! 1.  Life is still busy busy busy!  I am googling and trying to manage life, training and work all in one day.  I try to stay motivated by watching/reading about triathlon even when I can’t do the workouts (work has been busier, and sadly I can’t run/bike/swim when working).  Here’s a […]

Benchmark Workouts for Ironman

So my coach doesn’t let me see the whole training plan.  Sometiems this is a little frustrating (as I like to know what’s coming up), but seeing as I started freaking out about my workouts in two weeks, I also understand that I might actually faint from seeing my June or July training schedule! So […]

Triathlon Tuesday: 2013 Season Review

Triathlon Training Review

This is mostly for my own purposes, but wanted to share for the world.  I believe that reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses (or areas for improvement) is part of what helps you to grow as an athlete.  Since I’m a fairly novice triathlete, I have the opportunity to grow in pretty much every area […]

Book Review: Sex, Lies & Triathlon


My sister Jaimie always gets me a book of so,e sort for Christmas each year. Maybe she knows I alike reading…  This year I got the book “it starts with food”… I can’t wait to start  reading it! Anyway, I recently finished (re-)reading a fun book called Sex, Lies & Triathlon by Leib Dodell.  It’s a […]