What I Learned from Gwen Jorgensen

Last Sunday I went to Live Grit and met Gwen Jorgensen! She had just won the ITU Triathlon World Championships for Women, and shared some of her tips and experiences with us before we headed out on a fun run. Here’s what I learned: Focus on process. Instead of setting a time goal for your […]

A Tiring but Happy Week… When ITU World Championships Came to Chicago

So… I am SO glad that this week is “normal.”  Last week was crazy and tiring!  First off, I was recovering straight off of Ironman Wisconsin, so appetite and sleep are still funny for a few days! Monday, we drove back from Madison to Chicago.  Then, Wednesday was the start of the ITU World Championships here […]

Ironman Wisconsin: Complete!

   I finished!! 14:44:19- perfect conditions and I pushed hard!   More to come later! Related posts: 21 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin! 5 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin… Building Confidence 28 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin! 27 Weeks to go to Ironman Wisconsin!

The Ugly Side of Long Course Racing

There’s a few things I could write about with this: *athletes who sabotage/ act unsafely for the general good. (Uh, person not looking ahead when they hit my bike… I’m looking to you!) *Ironman corporation’s refusal to allow equal racing opportunities for women as men But today I’m going to focus on the more personal […]

Tri Talk Tuesday: Hot Weather Training

It’s Tri-Talk Tuesday and today’s topic is apropos for the weather we’re having:   I’ve done two “heat preparation” phases now for my triathlon racing this year, and wanted to share both of them. These are training phases where one of my big objectives was to prepare for a race that was hotter than what […]