2013 Goals

I try to be a goal-oriented person, and I am trying to focus on better documenting my progress toward goals. I intend to post monthly sub-goals to work toward my year’s goals.

2013 Goals

1. Complete a half ironman triathlon.


2. Stick to a smart training plan guided by a coach & train with other people!  Some of my challenges in my previous triathlons & marathons is that I’m not going about training properly. I’d really like to give my all to my training for this year. 

3. Do 20 one-minute planks each month.  Go more than a minute sometimes. #plankaday

4. Learn some new blog skills.  There have been a few #blogfails that have happened recently, so I want to blog more consistently, more excitedly, and work on improving my blog & technical skills! 

5. Spoil Emma rotten.

Emma & Mike

6. Manage a satisfactory work-training-life balance.

7. Go to yoga at least once a month.  Goal for the year is 12 times!

8. Cook something new at least once a month.

Mmm - good soup!

Would like to put those wedding presents to better use!

9. Call your mom. Or a friend! The point here is to stay connected with friends & family, and not wallow in my feelings, something that I am prone to.  

10. Run a 2:00:xx half marathon.  I’m at 2:12 now, so it’s about a minute faster pace-wise.  But not too much faster than my Fort2Base pace.  I think it’s do-able with some hard work! 


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