Lake Zurich Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

Well, seeing as I have my next race this weekend, I should probably post the recap of my last race, right?!  I did the Lake Zurich Sprint Triathlon back in July, and overall it was a good close to my short sprint triathlon season this year. I went into this race with a bit of a laissez […]

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Swim & Bike

Hopefully I can get this to you finished in record time compared to last year’s Ironman! (It took me a month to get the guts to write the Ironman Louisville Run Report!) Pre-Race I remember thinking that this race seemed “busier” than IMLOU.  I think it’s that I had more family coming to visit, and that almost […]

Pleasant Prairie Olympic Distance Triathlon – Race Recap

I think I’m becoming more and more unemotional. When I finished yesterday’s race, I felt, “At least that’s done.”  There wasn’t too much excitement, or disappointment. Goals wise?  I kind of hit my goals.  The course seems to have been long on the swim and the bike. I know the swim could be me not […]

Friday Five

I thought life was settling down, but it didn’t really!  Somehow I hadn’t realized, but I took 3 trips in 2 weeks.  And I’m not a consultant anymore!  I don’t have more work trips planned currently, so hopefully June settles down. I’m doing the Leon’s triathlon this weekend!  I haven’t done an Olympic distance triathlon in […]

21 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin!

Who else had fun watching the Boston Marathon online today?  I had a lot of fun… usually I forget it’s going on or have a crazy work day planned, but today was nice and chill – no meetings at all! I had the most glorious ride outside on Saturday. It was pretty much perfect (apart […]