21 Weeks to Ironman Wisconsin!

Barrington Ride with Lauren Runs

Who else had fun watching the Boston Marathon online today?  I had a lot of fun… usually I forget it’s going on or have a crazy work day planned, but today was nice and chill – no meetings at all! I had the most glorious ride outside on Saturday. It was pretty much perfect (apart […]

Tri Talk Tuesday: How to Get Started Bike Riding


Well, it’s a Tuesday, so it’s time to talk about Triathlon!  I’m trying to post my most informational posts on triathlon training on Tuesdays.  Today I’m linking up with Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?!, Courtney at The TriGirl Chronicles, and Phaedra at Blisters and Black Toenails, who host Tri-Talk Tuesday! First off, I’m guest posting today over at […]

Puerto Rico 70.3 Race Report

PR70.3 Race Recap @ Lauren Runs

Well, it’s a rest week so I suppose I should work on finishing up my race report from the last race… especially since my next one (Shamrock Shuffle) is tomorrow! So here’s the vlog I did the day after the race: And for the details, you can read below. Going into the race— I was […]

Weekend Activities & Self-Care


This weekend was all about taking care of myself.  That and Valentine’s Day! Friday evening Mike and I went for a swim together at Sheridan Park Pool.  I don’t swim often on Friday evenings, but when I do, I enjoy focusing on the feeling of gliding in the water and doing some drills.  This was […]

Valentines Day Ideas for the Athletic Couple

Have an Active Valentines Day

Valentines day is a holiday full of chocolates, rich foods, and time with a special someone.  I’d like to share with you how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special someone and keep it active. This is my husband Mike & I.  For those of you who know my husband, he’s an active guy. […]

Ironman Louisville: Bike Report


In case you missed them:  Pre-Race – Swim Recap When we last left off… (uh, a week ago! Thanks Maggie for the reminder to finish the race!) I had just gotten out of a fantastic swim at Ironman Louisville!  After wiping off my face, I got my bike shoes, cooling arm sleeves, sunglasses & helmet on, and […]

BHAG (Big Hairy Ass Goals) for Ironman Training

I just finished cycling* with my IM group tonight and our coach asked us to think about and write down 3 goals we have for our training. I had the whole ride to think about what I’d put down. Blog-o-sphere, here’s my goals: 1. Train Smart.  This will mean train consistently, listen to my coach, […]

And then there was one more…


No, not that type of baby.  I hope we’re not on Babywatch 2014.  A real baby may interfer with my 140.6 plans as well as general shenanigans! I’d like to introduce y’all to our newest bike baby – my new Cervelo! I haven’t figured out what to name her yet, but I am pretty sure […]

Tri-Rock Lake Geneva Triathlon Race Report

Tri-Rock Times

This weekend was my final hurrah for the 2013 triathlon season as I completed the Tri-Rock Lake Geneva.  This is a Chicago Tri Club event so there was a group house for the weekend and a number of athletes going up to race. Overall, I did fine at this event, and got more experience with racing on […]

Three Things Thursday & Divvy Bikes Review & Giveaway!


I’ve been on “staycation” for Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  I needed some time away from work to enjoy the city.  I wish I was better about my weekends, but I’m not the best at planning my time always, and training has taken up a good bit of time! So this staycation I: did my […]