Weekend Activities & Self-Care


This weekend was all about taking care of myself.  That and Valentine’s Day! Friday evening Mike and I went for a swim together at Sheridan Park Pool.  I don’t swim often on Friday evenings, but when I do, I enjoy focusing on the feeling of gliding in the water and doing some drills.  This was […]

Valentines Day Ideas for the Athletic Couple

Have an Active Valentines Day

Valentines day is a holiday full of chocolates, rich foods, and time with a special someone.  I’d like to share with you how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special someone and keep it active. This is my husband Mike & I.  For those of you who know my husband, he’s an active guy. […]

Ironman Louisville: Bike Report


In case you missed them:  Pre-Race – Swim Recap When we last left off… (uh, a week ago! Thanks Maggie for the reminder to finish the race!) I had just gotten out of a fantastic swim at Ironman Louisville!  After wiping off my face, I got my bike shoes, cooling arm sleeves, sunglasses & helmet on, and […]

BHAG (Big Hairy Ass Goals) for Ironman Training

I just finished cycling* with my IM group tonight and our coach asked us to think about and write down 3 goals we have for our training. I had the whole ride to think about what I’d put down. Blog-o-sphere, here’s my goals: 1. Train Smart.  This will mean train consistently, listen to my coach, […]

And then there was one more…


No, not that type of baby.  I hope we’re not on Babywatch 2014.  A real baby may interfer with my 140.6 plans as well as general shenanigans! I’d like to introduce y’all to our newest bike baby – my new Cervelo! I haven’t figured out what to name her yet, but I am pretty sure […]

Tri-Rock Lake Geneva Triathlon Race Report

Tri-Rock Times

This weekend was my final hurrah for the 2013 triathlon season as I completed the Tri-Rock Lake Geneva.  This is a Chicago Tri Club event so there was a group house for the weekend and a number of athletes going up to race. Overall, I did fine at this event, and got more experience with racing on […]

Three Things Thursday & Divvy Bikes Review & Giveaway!


I’ve been on “staycation” for Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  I needed some time away from work to enjoy the city.  I wish I was better about my weekends, but I’m not the best at planning my time always, and training has taken up a good bit of time! So this staycation I: did my […]

So … you’re making a triathlon training plan

Katie Tri Training Pie Chart

So you’re thinking of a triathlon!  Congrats! My blogger friend Katie asked me to take a look at the training plan she’d put together. My Assumptions: You’re starting at a point you can handle.  Your healthcare provider has OK’ed you training for a triathlon. Good things in her training plan: YOGA! & Strength!  I think […]


It’s been a tiring few days. Wednesday was a work day w/ a Chicago Tri Club meeting after work!  Goose Island is always a great host, and I loved that our speaker for the week was my new triathlon coach! Here was my Thursday: 6 am computrainer class at FFC. This was my first FFC […]