So I have this thing…

Swim Toys

Great way to start a post, yeah? So I have this thing… About swimming.  I enjoy swimming, but I’ve got this thing: That it’s not worth swimming if it’s less than 2000 That it’s not worth swimming if I’m by myself I really enjoy Masters swim practices (I go to the ones hosted by Wellfit). […]

Lake Zurich Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

Lake Zurich Triathlon

Well, seeing as I have my next race this weekend, I should probably post the recap of my last race, right?!  I did the Lake Zurich Sprint Triathlon back in July, and overall it was a good close to my short sprint triathlon season this year. I went into this race with a bit of a laissez […]

Weekly Wrap – Jan 3

Weekly Wrap - New Year's 5K

Who else has holiday hangover?  Not a real hangover, but the mental fog from relaxing so much.  I hope it doesn’t cloud up too much– I start my new job tomorrow morning!  I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap. So what was I up to my last week of funemployment, better known as the week between […]

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Swim & Bike


Hopefully I can get this to you finished in record time compared to last year’s Ironman! (It took me a month to get the guts to write the Ironman Louisville Run Report!) Pre-Race I remember thinking that this race seemed “busier” than IMLOU.  I think it’s that I had more family coming to visit, and that almost […]

Five Brands To Love


Happy Friday!   I’m linking up with Mary, Cynthia and Courtney today for the Friday Five!  This week we talk shopping!  My top five favorite brands are: 1. Coeur.  Naturally I love them as I’m an ambassador, and I think they’re doing great things to help promote women in triathlon – not only through their women’s […]