VQ Madison Ride #3: Duck Farts & Intensity Factors

I did some heavy training this weekend, riding hills on the Madison course & catching up with tri-friends outside of my Wellfit training group.

VQ Madison Ride #3

Duck Farts:

Sound-only farts, apparently not uncommon in IM triathlons. I experienced this on my long run on Sunday, where I was needing to fart every few minutes. I ended up singing to myself with the Duck Tales theme song (“Woo woo”) when going. Clearly I wouldn’t have done this if I’d been out on a more popular running path like the lakefront trail in Chicago.

I did some research after the fact, and it’s due to the same types of reasons you might get gas otherwise. Dairy, changed flora in your gut. I’m starting to follow some of my pre-race things from before (drink Kombucha, reduce dairy) to help reduce this from occurring.Duck_Fart_by_yodamjh

Intensity Factor: 
This is a metric in bicycling power that refers to your % of FTP max that you are using. Put simply, your average power for the ride, over your maximum potential.

I’m still wokring on managing my power effectively. I am regularly riding higher than I’m supposed to, and while I can do this on a 4 hour ride, or even a 7 hour ride, it’s not smart when you have a marathon to run afterward.

Confucian Thought of the Day: How does one ride easy when you’re going up a hill?  :) 

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner – 30 Days to Go!

IronManStayCalm30DaysFeatureImageOnly 30 Days until Ironman Louisville!  As noted in my last post, I’m a mix of nerves & excitement.

Without further ado, here are the winners for the most recent giveaways:

Zooma Race Entry – Mo from I Heart Pikermis

Venus de Miles Tote & BottleTiina


Congratulations ladies!


Random thoughts Thursday

Sorry I haven’t posted in a week. As always Ironman training is busy, I’m training a new team member at work, and Mike had his longest race ever, Half Ironman Racine, last weekend.


1. I am tired of training. Weary of the time management on the workouts,really, and the feeling exhausted at work each day.
2. Everyone in my tri group has done a 70.3 in the last two weeks. They all did pretty well, and I’m jealous of their times. My HIM hadn’t gone as expected,and I’m frustrated at what I perceive as slow.
3. So I’ve been looking at redemption races. Part of me wants to prove to myself that I’ve got the speed in me, but we are also one month out from IM Louisville.

4. Every time I try to go to the beach for an open water swim, it’s bad weather. I am cursed.

5. Madison trips this weekend & next – yay!

6. I am learning that I am a person who needs two rest days a week.

7. I am a lazy eater. I have no preferences most of the time, and am eating for fuel or stress.