Judgment in Cheating Runners


It’s funny, most of us get into these sports of running and triathlon for our own benefit… give me a challenge, get fit, improve health. But what about when it can turn “Mean Girls” judgy?  I’m exploring the judgment in cheating runners. But at some point, we also bring in that aspect that makes us […]

Advice for the Earlier Running Self

Advice to my earlier running self

I love this writing prompt from the lovely ladies who host Tuesdays on the Run: “If I only knew then…. What advice would you give your new runner self?”  I got into running when I was in college, initially for just keeping fit. I did my first 5K in 2004 (senior year of college), and then […]

Weekly Wrap 04.10.2016


Hello!  It’s a happy Sunday, although it SNOWED this weekend (!) because I got out of Swimming Jail today!  I’m not confined (only) to the endless pool, but actually swam in a real pool today!  And now I’m a bit nice and tuckered out from that plus a bike ride, so time to blog my […]

Paleo Blondies

Almond Butter Blondies

I’ve been trying to eat following along the lines of metabolic efficiency, which is a mixture of paleo & low-carb, and I eat dairy.  So lots of sugary sweets are out.  But sometimes when you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ve gotta find something that works for you!  One of my favorite desserts to make are […]

Running Free

Running Free

Today’s prompt on Tuesdays on the Run  is “What one word describes your running lately?”(Thank you Patty, Erika, and Marcia for hosting!) My one word would be “Free“.  While I don’t use the word “free” to mean no-cost, I do use it in the definition of liberating and spirit-lifting (if that’s a word).  I’ve turned to running the […]