Three Things Thursday: Fleet Feet Fashion Show

Last Thursday I went to my first Fashion Show!  Before you think I’m all fancy now, let me assure you this was the Fleet Feet #seeandbeseen Fashion Show, held at the Second City theatres in Piper’s Alley. It was a lot of fun, and I met up with Emily to enjoy the evening.

Here were three things that I liked the most about it:

1. Entertaining Show:

2. Cute Clothes for sale.  Not only for viewing, but I picked up some good winter clothes for myself.  I got an Icebreaker long sleeve, which I’ve been wanting to try for years (spoiler alert: it’s very warm!) and also Mizuno Breathe Thermo tights, which I’ll be debuting on my run this afternoon (in the 27 degree weather).  If I had an unlimited budget, I woudl have gotten stuff for everyone on my Christmas list!

(The photo of me is not from the fasion show, but I’m wearing the new Icebreaker top — striped, stylish & functional!)

3. Fun goody bag with take home stuff!

This is  just a small bit of the stuff! There were two headbands, a pair of socks, two water bottles (one glass one- score for office-time hydration!), a paper doll of Lauren Fleshman, and a shoe caddy for travelling with shoes.



Would I go again?  Maybe.  The fashion show was a lot of fun to see what’s new in running clothes, however I didn’t like how crowded it was in the store after the show. Tons of people mingling and trying to find the clothes, eating appetizers & drinking cocktails.  I felt like I couldn’t move around without bumping into someone.  However it does benefit the Imerman Angels charity, with 20% of the proceeds from the event and sales that night going to the charity.   I’d probably go again next year if I don’t have anything going on.

Embrace Imperfection

It’s Tuesday, and I love the opportunity to take time and give thanks for certain things! I’ve been really working on my self-care over the past few weeks. Overall I’m trying to get back on healthy track. A few things I’m doing:

Getting to bed at a consistent time. I’m not perfect at this, but working on it. Getting enough rest seems to be key to living life well. My goal is to be able to get up consistently for morning workouts.

Moderating my food. I’m not trying to avoid ALL bad foods, but to limit things. And get more vegetables.

Not stressing out. I’m working on my productivity at work, and appreciating that I can’t fix all of the problems, even if I see that as my unofficlal responsibility. Not stressing out if I eat a treat. If I skip a planned workout during this off-season.

Working on my goals, even if only one step at a time. I’m working on getting faster, and getting up to a half marathon PR. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I’m also starting crossfit so I can get stronger. But I can’t do everything at once, so I’m not stressing about my other triathlon sports at the moment (cycling and swimming). I do a once a week bike workout, and actually haven’t been in the pool in a few months.

Bottom line?  I’m working at embracing imperfection.  


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Chicago’s Perfect 10 Mile {Race Recap}

Saturday I had my next jump up in distance and speed since my Ironman Louisville race.  This was also the first race that was actually two months after the ironman, which is the length of time experts say it usually takes to recover from an Ironman.

The Chicago Perfect 10 race offers a 10K and also a 10 mile option, and leaves from Chicago’s Navy Pier to run along the lakefront.

Chicago's Perfect 10

This was an OK race for me.  I am trying to get my speed back, so I knew it would be somewhat hard, but a part of me was also hoping the speed would come back magically once my two months was up.  Well, that’s not quite true!  So hard work it is…

Saturday morning was a chilly morning, with the winds increasing as the morning went on.

Pro: having the race start and finish at Navy Pier meant we got to stay warm inside before and after the race.  Plus use indoor bathrooms that had NO lines.IMG_4288

I realized I didn’t really know anything about the race course except that it started at Navy Pier and headed south on the lakefront. Not the race’s fault that I didn’t plan ahead.  But it would have been nice having an idea of where our mile markers were… Especially as we headed west and over into Grant Park!  We ran by the Hot Chocolate race setup (similar race distance, but on Sunday). That was a nice little surprise, especially when I found out later that everyone didn’t know that was supposed to happen!  (But we were on course… ran a total of 10 miles).

After that, it was out and back on the lakefront path.  I wore a new top (Icebreaker stripes) with a vest, and suffered from one of the most well-known rules in racing:  Nothing new on race day.  Turns out that top is WARM! And that I probably didn’t need the vest, or should have worn a lighter long sleeve instead.

Oh well, live and learn.  Wool is warm.  And my streak of bathroom breaks at my races tried to continue… but I couldn’t undo the tie on my capri’s quickly enough, so I risked running the final two miles.  No accidents = success!

All in all, a good race. I’d do it again.  It’s small, nice that all pre & post-race festivities are indoors, and there was free beer if you wanted it.  If you had a post-race death face like me, you didn’t.  I ended up rallying and deciding I really wanted a warm starbucks, so I trekked the 5 miles (j/k) through Navy Pier to get to the Starbucks.


FINAL TIME:  1:44:27
NEXT RACE:  Schaumburg Turkey Trot Half Marathon, 11.29.2014