Race Do-Over: My Chicago Marathon Experience


Have you ever wanted a race do-over? I have.  And I’m sure many runners and triathletes out there do too… that’s usually why we keep at our events, because there is usually always something to improve upon. Chicago Marathon For me, I’d re-do my 2012 Chicago Marathon.  I’m kind of looking to do this at the […]

Clean Energy Boost for your Fall Training – Capsimax Product Review


Sometimes we’re on a roll with our training efforts, and sometimes we may need a little boost 🙂 This summer, I got the opportunity to try out Capsimax supplement samples and see how it impacted my training! Capsimax is a highly-active, natural capsicum extract from red hot chili peppers that delivers all of the benefits of peppers without […]

Blogging Updates, Training Updates, and Back Half Challenge (TOLT #16)


Hey there! I decided to see how many times I’ve linked up with Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, hosted by Amanda from Running with Spoons, and it turns out that today is #16!  Pretty interesting since this I don’t post every week to this. Blogging Anyway, I wanted to share a few things that have been going […]

What’s in My Gym Bag: Swim Edition

What's in my Gym Bag: Swim Edition

I get questions from other athletes getting into swimming, biking or triathlon about my gear choices, so I decided to start a brief series, “What’s in my Gym Bag” where I go through the random gear that I use for my various workouts.  Today we kick it off with swimming! (Need tips on getting going with swimming? […]

How often should you race?

How Often do You Race? by Lauren Runs

I got a question from a potential coaching client asking what my perspectives on racing are.  He was wondering, what if I want to race often? Well… I’ve gone back and forth on this.  I think for me, the perfect racing frequency is about once a month.  Here’s why: Balance between racing and training and life […]