It’s almost here…

Race day is upon us!


I’ve checked in, gotten my swag (cool backpack!), and finished my final workouts! Now it’s just a waiting game. 24 for hours from now, I’ll be biding my time on the bike, putting in my time to get to the finish line.

If you’d like to track me online, I will having two timing chips on me race day. One is the official Ironman timing chip (on my ankle). The Ironman tracking is notorious for not updating quickly, so I decided to rent a second one called “MyAthlete Live” that I will wear on my back. This is a GPS-based timing chip that will report more frequent information because it is constantly tracking me via satellite, rather than waiting for me to cross specific timing mats.

To track me on the Ironman Official Tracker:
On Sunday, select Ironman Louisville.
On here you can find me, select me as your “Favorite” (because I am!) and check in on progress. My bib # is 544.

To track me via My Athlete Live:
Website: Athlete names are in alphabetical order by first name.
IPhone/iPad/Android App: Download the app called MyAthlete Live (free). Load me on Friday or Saturday to your “Watch List.” Then on Sunday check out my progress!
NOTE: I am going to put this tracker on AFTER the swim, so you’ll see me as I get out moving on the bike! The App is cool because it will tell you how close I am to where you are spectating at, and approximately how many minutes before I get to your virtual spectating spot!

Swim/bike/run on!


Ready or Not…

… we’ve got 5 days to go!  This shit is real, and I’m finally feeling ready.

I’ve done my longest workouts EVER. Including a 12 hour long training day consisting of swim, bike, run (& eat).  I may have just done my longest Open Water Swim this past weekend, probably not a taper “do,” but it was definitely a confidence builder.

I’ve practiced in my speed suit, my tri kit, my helmet & gu’s.

I’ve visualized this race. Que sera, sera.  What happens, happens.  You leave it all out there on the floor (well, rein it in until mile 18 of the run, then let it out).

And I was so touched today by my co-workers who decorated my cube space with Ironman cheers:





It’s been a long six months, and i’m still processing what I’ve learned through the training process, but I’m ready to go!


Types of Ironman Athletes

Pretty much everything I’m searching in my free time is related to Ironman.  I’m looking at things on Recovery from Ironman, how to decide if you want to do another one, how much practice in your speedsuit you need (it’s still 60′s in Lake Michigan), and I found this posting I thought I’d share on 20 Athletes You’ll See at Ironman: