Weekly Wrap 08.01.2016


Hey y’all!  Checking in here and getting going with my week here on the blog!  Thank you everyone who encouraged me to keep going with these weekly workout recaps!  I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap. Here are my workouts from 7.25-7.31!   Monday:  Yoga.  Love it. It was hot & […]

Friday Five

Lake Zurich Triathlon

1. Wow! I forgot how much a vacation can take you out of your daily routines! I’ve been working just to keep up with work now that I’m back, and prioritizing which of my workouts I HAVE to do. Running – yes! I’m in marathon training mode. Swimming – I’d love to, but I’ve needed […]

Sneaky Time Management for Triathletes

Time management… what’s that?  As triathletes, we balance training for three sports, and most of us balance that on top of work and home responsibilities.  Here are a few tips I have for you! Plan your schedule for the week Know when you’re working out, and when you need to pack work clothes or workout […]

Triathlete’s Guide to Ohio Street Beach

OSB water quality

So are you a triathlete (or triathlete-in-training) living or working in Chicago?  Chances are you may be needing to get in your open water swimming.  One of the (if not THE) most popular spot in Chicago to do open water swims is Ohio Street Beach. Welcome to the Triathlete’s Guide to Ohio Street Beach!   […]

My Favorite Low Carb & Grain-Free Hacks

Low Carb & Grain-Free Hacks

I’m not sure how many of you have tried lower carb diets (or if you prefer to call it, eating behaviors), but this has been one of the better and more sustainable methods for me to manage my weight while also maintaining energy to pursue my triathlon and running goals.  Last year, I learned about metabolic efficiency […]