Benchmark Workouts for Ironman

So my coach doesn’t let me see the whole training plan.  Sometiems this is a little frustrating (as I like to know what’s coming up), but seeing as I started freaking out about my workouts in two weeks, I also understand that I might actually faint from seeing my June or July training schedule! :)

So I did some poking around and referenced a book I’ve found helpful on triathlon training, the Triathlete’s Training Bible.  They have a section on workouts to know if you’re on track for an Ironman finish, or for a particular time finish.  It’s still a ways out for me (I’ve got 123 days before Ironman Louisville!) but I thought I’d look at these anyway!

Finisher: Are you on track for a finish, and do you need to dial in training to be able to complete the Ironman.

Faster: Are you on track for your goal Ironman performance


  1. Finisher:  Swim Nonstop in Open Water for 40 minutes (7 weeks go) and 60 minutes (3 weeks to go)
  2. Faster: In pool, swim 6 x 500m at your expected race pace, 30 seconds rest.  This will help you determine if your goal pace is realistic.


  1. Finisher: Starting 11 weeks out, do a long ride 2 of every 3 weeks, for a total of 6 rides. At 11 weeks you can ride 3.5 hours. Add 30 minutes to each ride.  3 weeks before the race your long ride should be about 6 hours.  Fuel on these as you expect to for the race.
  2. Faster:  After building your long rides to 5 or six hours, do anaerobic thresholds. After a 30 min warmup, ride steadily in HR Zone 2 or 65-75% of FTP for 2-4 hours. 30 min cooldown.


  1. Finisher: Complete a long run 2 of every 3 weeks.  Start at 90 minutes and add 15-20 minutes each time until you build your run to a 3 hour workout 3-4 weeks before your race.
  2. Faster: Complete 2.5-3 hour long runs 2 of every 3 weeks for the 11 weeks before the race. Run a potion of each of them at the upper half of your HR Zone 2, building up to 2 hours long by 3-4 weeks before the race.

I know for marathon training a classic benchmark workout is the Yasso 800′s.  Anyone else have any tips for knowing if you’re on track when training for a running or triathlon event? 

Treat Yourself Tuesday: Travel Edition


I love the concept of making sure to treat yourself each week.  It doesn’t have to be too crazy, but it does a girl some good to get in the pampering one way or another.  I love how Becky from Olives ‘n Wine celebrates it with Treat Yourself Tuesdays!

tyt olivesnwine


This past week was the ultimate in treating myself! We were on vacation!  First to New Orleans – for some hurricanes, Peep Cocktails, wine & oysters!

Some walkin' & snackin'

Some walkin’ & snackin’



_happyhourAnd then it was off to Brooklyn.  It was COLD there (new jacket, anyone?).  I treated myself to a mani & pedi while there and to prep for the wedding we were attending.  BTW – prices were so much cheaper there for nails than in Chicago!

What’s your spring nail colors?  Any special treats this week?! 


Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

I’ve celebrated this week and am coming into 2014 (again) with a fresh take on life! It started off this past week with this cocktail:

Who ever would have thought to add a peep to a cocktail?  The flavor was Sweet Potato Pie, if you must know.

And after Polar Vortex #100ohwhatthef***, we went from this to this: in a matter of 24 hours.


Spring 24hours

For your Sunday Easter reading enjoyment, please check out one of my favorites from my hometown newspaper, the Washington Post:

Peeps It's In the Details


And to looking ahead, I’m starting a new training block and eager to see what’s around the corner waiting for me this spring & summer!

Hoppy Easter to all of you!