Ready or Not…

… we’ve got 5 days to go!  This shit is real, and I’m finally feeling ready.

I’ve done my longest workouts EVER. Including a 12 hour long training day consisting of swim, bike, run (& eat).  I may have just done my longest Open Water Swim this past weekend, probably not a taper “do,” but it was definitely a confidence builder.

I’ve practiced in my speed suit, my tri kit, my helmet & gu’s.

I’ve visualized this race. Que sera, sera.  What happens, happens.  You leave it all out there on the floor (well, rein it in until mile 18 of the run, then let it out).

And I was so touched today by my co-workers who decorated my cube space with Ironman cheers:





It’s been a long six months, and i’m still processing what I’ve learned through the training process, but I’m ready to go!


Types of Ironman Athletes

Pretty much everything I’m searching in my free time is related to Ironman.  I’m looking at things on Recovery from Ironman, how to decide if you want to do another one, how much practice in your speedsuit you need (it’s still 60′s in Lake Michigan), and I found this posting I thought I’d share on 20 Athletes You’ll See at Ironman:



How to Beat Your Legs Up & Put Them Back together in 72 hours

This weekend was my Epic Weekend for Ironman Louisville triathlon training!  I was up in Wisconsin, putting more stress on my legs.  I pretty much was gone and working out from 6 AM to 7 PM on Saturday (and pooped thereafter!).  I got the opportunity to spend more time with my favorite training buddies from Wellfit & Chicago Tri Club, and on the scenic Ironman Wisconsin course.wiba wetsuits wellfit

How to beat up your legs and put them back together in 72 hours:

  1. Swim, bike & run. make sure you kick on the swim. Kick ass on the hills (all 112 miles of them), and push yourself on the run.
  2. Run again the next day. Tempo if you dare.
  3. Sit in the car for 3 hours after to get them nice and stiff!
  4. Drink Muscle Milk after all workouts, and get adequate recovery carbs. Tater tots, beer and scones are all a plus.
  5. Wear compression shorts to work on Monday, and compression socks for any TV watching.
  6. Ice bath like a queen, and rule the compression boots!