Chicago Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap

Chicago / IL / United States - 9/25/16

I signed up to run the Chicago Half Marathon back in May when I was trying to get into my last minute Chicago 13.1 race. Going into this race, I was hoping to push myself as hard as I could, potentially PR, but my big goal right now is having a strong showing at the Marine Corps Marathon […]

My Race Gear Favorites

Coeur Running Clothes

Hello Friday! You could not come quickly enough this week. I’m looking toward a few half marathons coming up in the next two weeks, and want to make sure I have my ducks in an order with regards to race gear and race day specifics.  This weekend is the Chicago Half Marathon, which I signed up […]

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

This weekend I’m running a combined long run + half marathon.  My not-so-secret goal is to see if I can get my 3 extra miles in before the race and also PR? I’m going for revenge after the Madison Mini Marathon last month. I’ve been writing a few blog posts for Azumio, makers of the Heart […]

Monthly Wrap – 9.19.2016


Weekly Wrap, errr… Monthly Wrap?   Sorry to have been radio silent… I’ve had a few things going on that have prevented me from blogging, and then there’s has been a bunch of stuff going on that has prevented me from resolving said issues.  Not excuses, but I want to share why things have been not […]

 So I have this thing…

Swim Toys

Great way to start a post, yeah? So I have this thing… About swimming.  I enjoy swimming, but I’ve got this thing: That it’s not worth swimming if it’s less than 2000 That it’s not worth swimming if I’m by myself I really enjoy Masters swim practices (I go to the ones hosted by Wellfit). […]